110mm cranks for street

I am looking at getting some 110mm cranks for street to give me some extra speed through lines and to clear bigger sets and stuff. Dose anybody else ride 110mm for street. What would be the advantages/disadvantages? Would impact from drops and sets feel harder? and finnaly dose anyone have any kh ones they want to sell me haha?

I did for quite a while.

Yes you can go faster, but there are definitely many disadvantages. Basically any trick is harder.

It takes more pressure and torque to spin flips, and you have less leverage so catching them is harder as well.

Impacts are much harder because again you have less leverage so when you land you have to put more pressure on your back pedal to keep the wheel under control. I have chipped my heelbone from this.

Because your feet are closer together you have less balance on skinnies.

Because your feet are closer together I found unispins and the like harder (this may be a personal thing though).

Take offs for gaps or rolling hops are also harder because it is harder to put back pressure on the pedals to take off without them rolling. This is due to the fact that yes you have more speed and you also have less leverage.

Good points are:

You go faster because your feet are making smaller revolutions.

When you do spin a crankflip the cranks are lighter and because you are putting more power into them, they tend to spin faster.

Basically I wouldn’t at all recomend them unless you are already very good with 125’s. By very good, I mean rolling outspins, double flips, and the like. I would definitely not recomend them for big drops or stair sets.

I used them for quite a long time as well, I went through two sets over a period of about 2 or 3 years.

basically this. I was riding my bmx uni for street as well with 110’s for quite a while. I really liked them for flip tricks because they flip so fast, but it’s almost impossible to catch them early. also, doing 180’s down drops is really really hard because you have no torque when you land. you can go really fast though.