110/127 KH moments for street and flat

I’m new to the forums, but I’ve done searches on it before.

I wanted to get KH moments cranks for street unicycling and I like my friend’s 125mm cranks, but I also wanted to dabble in flat style, which typically uses the 110mm cranks.

So could I get away with getting the 110/127 double hole?

or would the extra 1.7cm (from the 127 hole) be sticking out too much in 110mm mode when doing flat stuff.

has anyone tried this, and can these cranks (the 110/127mm) handle street. They are deemed bombproof, correct? Also should I be concerned about a lock ring on these cranks.

don’t grill me


Hi! Welcome to the forum.
I’m surprised nobody had answered you post. I guess most hardcore flat riders don’t bother themselves with this forum. :roll_eyes:
You are right the moments are bombproof.
I’m not quite sure about the little extra metal on the crank when in 110 position however I have 125/150 on my muni and it doesn’t bother me at all. The only way I think it would get in the way is if you landed a trick or came down from wheel walking or stand up tricks with the pedals vertical. Then your foot might come down on the little stub instead of totally on the pedal.
But I’d say go for it! The cranks are relatively cheap right now and will last a long time. And if they don’t work out you can always get a 36er to put them on:D

thanks for answering

yeah I should get a pair before the price kicks up again. I just wanted to know about the lock rings.

I was just wondering why the 110/127mm doesn’t have lock rings as suggested here http://www.unicycle.uk.com/unicycle-spares/cranks/kh-lockring.html

and seen here http://www.unicycle.com/unicycle-hardware/crank-arms-parts/isis-cranks/kris-holm-double-hole-isis-moment-cranks-2.html/

should I care about not having lock rings?

They don’t have steel inserts because the holes are to close together to allow space. The only problem with not having the steel inserts is that the cranks might be slightly more likely to strip out. However, it’s very unlikely that most people would have that issue, especially if you are riding flatland or small street. Just make sure that you keep your pedals tight!


Also, would rollo disks fit on these cranks? And would i need to buy a longer bolt size with the rollos?

I contacted udc a few days ago and they have yet to respond.

But given your advice, I will probably get the 110/127mm and rollo disks (if they fit).

I also like the 36er idea. It’s the only ride that I would upgrade to from my 70s Schwinn varsity

The Rollo disks will fit any KH Moment cranks, and they come supplied with longer bolts. What type of unicycle are you planning to put these on?

I’m planing on putting it on my kh double-crown 20" uni. I got it when udc sold them off for cheap.
I have 137mm cranks on it now, but i want to get shorter ones to go a bit faster and ride a bit smoother.

I would imagine it would be near impossible to do roll tricks in the 110 position of you get duel hole cranks. You need to keep your foot on the crank as the cranks rotate. That extra crank sticking up would provide quite an issue

When doing roll tricks you roll on the part of the crank closest to the hub, so some extra metal sticking out by the pedal shouldn’ t stop you from rolling. If there were two hub holes and not two pedal holes I would definitely agree with you.

Those cranks should fit perfectly on that unicycle. Good luck with your purchase!

That’s what I was imagining it as. I never owned a pair I guess I’ll butt out since I clearly am not informed enough in the subject :stuck_out_tongue: