11 year old Augie shreddin' the trail!

Here’s a little video I made from 12/19/17 of my ride(s) with Augie Braude. He was visiting from New Mexico with his parents, and after watching my videos, he had emailed me asking if we could meet for a ride when he came down this way. I said sure but that I couldn’t do much because of a uni related injury back on 11/10/17. Well I did more riding than I probably should have but luckily, no issues.

Augie is an amazingly fast learner, and is improving by the minute. He had also never ridden a 36er before, so I brought along my Nightfox and he was already free mounting the same day and with 110mm cranks! He wants us to do a 100-mile ride next time he visits, and I have no doubt that he’ll be able to do it!