11 or 12 year old riders

i am sorry i have to ask this but i dont know anbody my age who rides trials or street so if your around those ages the could you post here about who you are and what is your proggres hop hight , gap etc. i dont no what i should be doing at the least now so if anbody posts i will post about me i guess

how about 13?

Damn, a 13 year old is beating me at unicycle. Time to up the training a notch! :smiley:

how do you know how good i am?

i would assume that your profile pic is you performing the seat drag… iono that’s my guess

oh lol. I can get into seat drags but i still havent learned to get the seat back up yet. I am pretty good a freestyle and a beginner/intermediate trials/street rider.

There are some pictures of me riding in this thread:

Cool Unicycle Pictures

Its on the second page called “cool unicycle pictures”

i dont care if your around it then please reply

I just turned 14…

unityler (tylercocks) is 12, I think

im 15 which is closer to 11 or 12 then most of the riders on this forum i think

there’s a lot of young ppls here. I’m not one of them though. (16)

I just remember being suprised by the number of younger people.

im 13, i can hop 17 inches, seat under, 3 foot gap and wheelwalk
schmidty is 14 20 inch hop, seat under, 2.5 gap and wheelwalk

Saw Galina in Denmark who is only 12. She is the most amazing rider, she was well up the score board for the overall results.


A touch harsh. True, maybe, but harsh.


I"M 11!!! It’s so much fun being 11 too, because you can mess up and people won’t call you a poophead, they’ll always forgive you!!!

He’s back to being “tylercox” again! Whats going on?

This is weird. Is godby closeby?

Oh, and Im 15 and do trials, street, muni, everything. My brother is 11 and he muni’s, trials a little.

first off, I am not 11 or 12, but just am commenting on something in this thread.

it seams that when tyler switched his user name, that one became available, since it was just registered this month, maybe gilby should switch it so it is an unavailable username, as long as it can be determined it really is not a real person.

Shutting up…

I’m 13 almost 14 i do freestyle and trials mostly :sunglasses:

That’s not me, by the way. Hopefully Godby can delete that.

Re: 11 or 12 year old riders

On Sun, 31 Jul 2005 14:27:25 -0500, “UniTyler” wrote:

>That’s not me, by the way. Hopefully Godby can delete that.

How is that not you? Regardless, even Godby cannot delete it on my

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