10x10 obstical help

ive been having trouble with trying to get over the 10x10cm block to pass my next level and i was wondering if ne1 had any good tips… i have a 20" uni that i can hop about two inches high on but cant move laterally and a 24" Sun that i ‘might’ be able to ride over the obstacal on… any help? :thinking:

Well if you’re taking the hopping approach then practice hopping like mad. Then practice hopping side ways a lot. Then practice hopping off a curb(which may sike you out until you realize how lame you are not even being able to hop off a curb). Then practice going up a curb. You can now jump over a small block. But you could just learn how to ride over a block going strait. Which isn’t that hard.

The easiest way to get over the block is to ride forwards over it. A couple of tips may make it easier :

If you hit the block with your crank just above horizontal you will get more torque which makes it easier to ride over. It may be worth lining your unicycle up by rolling it backwards before mounting so that you hit the block with your cranks in a good position. If you hit with your cranks vertical you will almost certainly come off.

Just before you hit the block lean your weight back a little so that you don’t come off.

It helps if you pull up on the seat a little (almost jumping) as you hit. That way very little weight is on the wheel and you will be able to roll over nicely.

Try riding over smaller obstacles (eg a lip of a driveway) before working your way up to a 10cm obstacle.

Re: 10x10 obstical help

If you want to take the ‘rolling’ rather than ‘hopping’ approach, come
borrow this thing: http://www.xs4all.nl/~klaasbil/unibeam.htm

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That obstacle is actually pretty cool!

I tried with minimal success to roll over a curb, but I always had to set up my pedals beforehand to have them in the perfect positions. Still do.

So I went for the ride towards it, spring into a sidehop, and ride on method.

Although just the other day I rolling hopped a suitable beam. That was very fun, and I recommend it :stuck_out_tongue:

Check out this site:


It has tips for three different methods to getting over the obstacle.

There is a good video somewhere of KH doing a seminar on hopping. It might be on andrew carter’s web site, but I’m not sure. It’s worth searching for.

In it, KH suggests that you should treat hopping as a series of still stands, and he provides some tips on jumping. I found it very helpful.

The level 3 ride over a 10 cm x 10 cm obstacle is a tough skill to learn at first. When I was level 3 type rider I couldn’t roll over the 10x10 cm obstacle. I’d plow into the obstacle and never make it up and over. It was easier for me to hop it than to roll it.

As a basically level 3 level rider I didn’t have the skill and finesse to roll over such an obstacle. It wasn’t until I was more of a level 4+ level rider that I was able to roll over the 10x10 cm obstacle reliably with my 20" freestyle uni.

As a roll over skill I think the 10x10 cm obstacle is more of a level 4 type skill than a level 3 type skill. If you’re having difficulty with rolling over the 10x10 cm obstacle then work on the level 4 skills and come back to the 10x10 obstacle later.

I think the “rolling hop” is one of the coolest ways to get over a 10x10. The trick is to have the pedals in the right position. If you head right at the obstacle you have a bad % chance of this happening.

Its easier if you can ride along side the thing, parallel to it, then angle closer until you’re 4-5 inches away, then do the rolling hop.

The rolling hop: (look up better explanations on many websites)
You probably have a dominant foot. The one in back when you’re hopping. While riding, begin your hop just as that dominant foot passes the lowest point in its revolution (pedal at 6:00 position). The momentum of that pedal coming up gives you something to step on (or push down on) briefly. Pull up some on the seat handle while you ride. You should get just enough air to get to the top of the 10x10.

First just practice in the middle of the driveway (or whatever). Soon you can do the angle towards the obstacle thing. Soon you’ll clear the 10x10 with air to spare.

rolling hop angle.jpg

thanks guys… these are all great tips:D Lately ive been practicing my sideways hops and im doing pretty good. I can hop to the right about a foot or so and hop in height at the same time about three inches. My left side hop isnt very good, but im mainly trying jst trying to get over that stubbern block;)

Thanks again,