10x10 block (fwd)

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> From: John Larkin <jlarkin@osiris.ac.hmc.edu> Subject: 10x10 block
> I’ve got a question about the 10x10 block. It seems to me that a figure
> described as 10x10 would be 2 dimentional. Seeing as it’s not too hard riding
> over a 10x10 peice of paper, I guess this is the wrong idea. Is it just a curb
> that is 10cm high and you have a 10 cm width marked out on the curb in order
> to scale it?

No. It is actually a 10x10x?cm block. This means a beam of indeterminate length
with a 10x10cm cross section. If you expand the paper into the third dimension
you have the block. The idea is that you have to be able to go up, then back
down again right away.


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