10th KH just arrived in Israel

Yesterday the 10th KH unicycle arrived in Israel. (I own 3 of them!) I helped a this new unicyclist switch the stock 150mm cranks to 165s on his new KH24. I am quite psyched because this new unicyclist is very motivated and I know that he is going to be joining us on the single tracks in a few months. I am building up the MUni scene in Israel ony by one. There are quite a few unicyclists in Israel but the MUni scene is countable on my fingers, the Trials scene is made up of 3 riders and the street scene does not exist at all.

As time goes by I am discovering more and more great singles. This Friday a biking friend of mine took me on a great single trail that I had not know before. It was very technical with lots of hills and boulders. We did 16kms! It is amazing the amount of great riding that I am finding right in my own back yard!


Congratulations, that’s really good… I’m sure the muni scene out there will continue to grow. I mean, there will always be exciting new trails opening up, what with all that new Palestinian land that was annexed by that lovely wall, the opportunities will be endless and the scene will go from strength to strength :smiley:

Whats you problem Matt?

Whats your problem Matt? Are you sore that you did not succede in PIRATING this guys unicycle while it was on its way here? Maybe that is why you have decided to try and colonize Kenya? Yes, attack the poor native bastards while they are still bleeding from election wars!


oi vey!

Well, Unicorn, that was an unexpected outburst of bigotry from you. It is sad that you have chosen to use a unicycling forum for such purposes. Unfortunately I am unable to rise above your inexplicable and ignorant comments, and feel that I need to set the record straight after such a vicious public insult. For the record I worked for the Red Cross during the recent crisis, I can’t take any personal credit, and there are far more deserving individuals in this world than me, but I feel proud to have been part of an organisation that gave so much to save people’s lives in such a desperate situation. Maybe then you can see why I find your comment that I
“attack the poor native bastards while they are still bleeding from election wars!” so highly offensive. It’s even more insulting when many of the people I care most about in life are Kenyans, and people that matter to me were caught up in what happened.

Oh and yes I do have a problem. I have a problem with nations annexing land that isn’t theirs. I have a problem that withold food and medical supplies to a whole population to punish a minority of extremists. I also have a problem with bigoted remarks such as the ones you sent me last year. Here’s a sample:

"Another overlooked issue is that Israel is not the Arab worlds problem. Any country bordering on the moslem world has the same problem. That is how Islam spreads. Just look at the Phillipeans, India, Kashmir, Chechnia, Bosnia, Darfur, and most other regions that border the Arab World! they live in Hell!

Anyways, England currently has 2 million Moslems living in its borders. You will find out for yourself soon enough what living next to moslems is like! The Tube bombings are just the first round fired!"

I don’t tolerate bigotry, but that time I decided not to let you have to answer for your comments. But your recent comments have made me feel somewhat less sorry for you.

I feel that you should publicly apologise. I do not think such comments are appropriate for a unicycle forum. If you are unable to apologise I feel that you should no longer be a part of our community, and I know that there are many others here who would appreciate it if you could either make this gesture, or find another place where you can exercise your bigotry.

Matt ol’ chap, you chose to stick a political spear in your reply to his neutral posting. So you zinged him in 3 lines and he zinged you back in 3 lines … and then you go off in 500 self-righteous words quoting his last year’s posting! Do yo have a file on us all? OK, you worked at Red Cross; you’re a saint. You’re from Kenya and you use a pirate as your picture. Jeez. Set yourself up, man! The world’s a nasty place. To bad we can’t all live in California. Everybody go out and ride now.

I agree with you that putting a “political spear” into a neutral comment wasn’t appropriate for RSU and apologise for that. I guess I did have “a problem” from previous bigoted comments by Unicorn, but it was a heat of the moment thing, and was a go at his political views, rather than a personal insult. Treating like with like is fair enough and I was asking to be “zinged” in return. Fair enough.

However, the comment in return crossed a line and was both a personal insult and also more than a little racist in calling Kenyans “poor native bastards”

In my book, that’s simply not acceptable, and should not be to any tolerant and fair-minded person. Zing…

I have no opinion on the matter so I’m not commenting on it, but you did start the argument. You commented on the Palestine/Israel thing in your response to Unicorn’s original post, which only mentioned the new KH being available in Israel. If anything, you’re using the unicycle forum to vent your frustrations on the situation. The first comment you made shows it. You did do a great work with the Red Cross, but this is a unicycle forum and I don’t think it’s a good place to take out frustrations on someone from Israel who wasn’t provoking the situation.

Very cool. It makes a big difference when you’ve got people to ride with. Also awesome to find good trails nearby! I need to get out and find more local rides…actually, I just need to get out and ride.

Other posters in this thread need to obey the sig.

I think ethropy’s sig should be the basis for all unicyclist.com e-wars.

Its great to hear that unicycling is growing down in Israel. Can’t wait to come down there again and ride with everyone, and hopefully meet some new riders;) .

Politics on the Forum.

I have met tons of great people through the Unicyclist Forums and am prould to be a contributor to such a cool effort. However I am annoyed that there are people who try to drag politics and or religion into the forum.

I don’t use this forum as a political platform. Politics is not something that is high on my priorities. I try to live my life and ride as much as possible.

I live in Israel and I love my country as everyone should! (Wether American, Kazak, Canadian, or Burkinian Fasonian.) I do find it annoyoing and insulting that many times when I post people reply with snide crude remarks just because I live in Israel.

The last person that you can call a biggot is me. Hell, I am married to a woman of a different race! Anyway, I have nothing against Kenya or the Kenyans. I wish them well and hope that thier country becomes a better place to live in as the result of the recent strife there. Just for the record I would ride, do businnes and socialize with anyone no matter what color, religion or sexual orientation. That also goes for anyone who visits here. I promise to invite any unicyclist visiting Israel to joing me on MUni rides, Trials and skills building sessions.

Now lets get out there and ride!