10th British Unicycle Convention - pre-registration closes 31/3/2003

Come on folks!!
You know you’re coming to the Convention.
You know it’s cheaper to pre-register.
You know you still have time to do so.

Find out details here: http://www.unicycle.org.uk/buc10/

The British Unicycle Convention is a weekend event run by unicyclists for
allowing unicycle enthusiasts from all over the country - and even abroad -
to meet,
have fun and share ideas and skills. The Convention also provides the
opportunity to
compete against others in races, silly games, unicycle hockey and other
events. In
addition, there will be a number of skills workshops appealing to everyone
from absolute
beginners to seasoned experts.

The Convention is open to people of all ages and abilities, including those
whose first
attempt to ride will be at the convention.

Now even cheaper!

Please note that the price has dropped - yes DROPPED - compared to last year
by £5 for a weekend pass for riders, and £4 for non-riders. Add that to the
pre-registration discount and you have no excuses for not coming!

Arnold the Aardvark

Thanks for the reminder Alan - sorry - Arnold the Aardvark.

I’ve printed the form and I’ll post it tomorrow.

Cheers, Gary.