10th Annual LBI Unithon

The 10th Annual LBI Unithon is on for Saturday, June 7, 2008.

Details are available at the stunning Web 1.0 page I maintain.

I will provide any details as they come in but if you’ve done it before you already know the drill. Tell your family, friends, enemies (if they ride), and generally spread the word. We’re getting an even later start than usual but we’d like to get as many people out as possible for this one.

My neighbor is a cameraman for Jersey 12 and he may be able to get a crew out for this year’s event.

But as always, I look forward to seeing you all again this year.

Thats in the USA rite? cos thats too far to travel for me.

That’s right. But if you can make it to any other Jersey and want to do the ride simultaneously and virtually so to speak that would be fine. We’ve had one other rider do that. Just remember to send your check for 25 U.S. dollars to the address on the page. Given the state of the dollar right now that should be a drop in the bucket for you.

And after the ride we’ll be sure to throw a shrimp on the barbie for you. Or a barbie to the shrimp if you prefer. :slight_smile:


I’ll be there with 2, maybe 3, and possibly even 4 friends.

It was a lot of fun last year, I still have the stickers on my frame.

Very cool. If you can get the forms and checks to me, I’d appreciate it so we can get an idea of how many will be coming, t-shirts to produce etc.


I’d love to come, but I’m not sure I can get a ride down to New Jersey on a normal weekend. Too bad its not in summer vacation, then I might be able to finagle a ride down there.

Perhaps a ride will materialize.

If you end up getting one at the last minute don’t worry about the paperwork. Come down and we’ll deal with it that Saturday morning.

Bump (again)

So, who’s coming?

I will not be able to attend this year, but this is a great ride. I’d encourage all who are nearby to attend. The ride is an enjoyable cruise the length of a nice beach community called Long Beach Island. It’s 19 miles, and not (at all) hilly, so even for folks who’ve never ridden that distance, it’s very doable.

i will be attending, once again. i have just reordered a new coker, to be built this week. my goal is under an hour for the ride. hopefully obieone and (joe graff) will be attending with me.i am coming from philly and have a seat in my car open…

I think that would be a world record for an hour’s riding. Good luck.

Haha yeah good luck! Last year another rider and I completed it in 2 hours flat - but that is including a 20 minute or so ice cream break :). We weren’t going for records, but 5 of us has quite a lead on the rest of the group.

It’s not a race though, everyone that can should try and come down - with any sized uni.

Hi Folks,

There is still time to register, or just show up at the last minute if you are not sure of your plans. I’ll be printing T shirts again, and they will be available at the start of the run. The cost is included in your registration, and I’ll have extras available for a donation to the cause.

I’ll also print up the frame decals again; a lot of folks seemed to like them last year.

If you can’t make it out, you can still help support Alliance For A Living Ocean. You can purchase a T shirt, and all the funds will go to the ALO. I’ll post the T shirt design later this week. The shirt itself is a nice Hanes 5250T tagless short-sleeve, the color will be a natural (like a light beige). I’ve used this shirt and color for other events, and it looks and wears very well.

For detailed info, see the following: http://jjuggle.unicyclist.com/lbiunithon/

Thanks for your support!

Two weeks people. Send in your registrations or just let me know you’ll be there.


I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Less than a week to go!

I am coming.

See you all tomorrow!

If you’re driving south on the Garden State Parkway take note that the speed limit between exits 100 and 80 has been reduced to 55 mph. The police had been aggressive there about enforcement for a while. I don’t know what the situation will be tomorrow.

Bring sunblock!