10cm Sidehop Comp

The aim of the comp is to improve you sidehop by 10cm. :wink:

The rules:
-You have to post a video of your highest side at the start and then the first one to improve by 10cm is the winner. :slight_smile:
-Video proof is needed
-Needs to be 10cm or more not less.

I think thats it tell me if Ive missed anything.

The game will start when there is three people. :slight_smile:

Dude, seriously, if you’ve really landed a 180 unispin like your signature says, just go outside and practice and you’ll land it before anyone else even signs up.

Actually, I don’t think anyone WILL sign up.

Just go do it. You’ll get it before anyone else even posts in this thread.

is it onto pallets or over a bar?

ill be in ill post my first jump next weekend

Well I suppose whatever you start with If you first video is over a bar the second one has to be or vice versa. :slight_smile:

Ill post my video tonight if we get 1 more person I got it on video already. :slight_smile:

edit: Im making Trophies now Ill post them when Im done and see what yous think.

yeah I’m in and I can probably post my highest today. :slight_smile:

cool, i’m in. My highest hop can be seen on the video in my signature. this is gonna be tough to beat by 10cm, i’ll have to get 97cm… :astonished:

Yeah then another 3cm and 1m wow that sounds pro. :wink:

Heres my first video 40cm I gotta get 50cm. :slight_smile:

And here are the trophies what do you guys think?




the trophies are cool :slight_smile:

Thanks. :smiley:

Do you no how to get them in that slidy thing so I can give them out when needed?

There good but if you can you should put sidehop cause like its 10cm improvement to what?? XD You dont have to but meh…
Also you can improve your sidehop so much if you prehop cause If I dont prehop I do so bad. But I suppose some poeple might prefer static… :roll_eyes:

I dont know if i can join via i have to get a new camera but does it have to be SIF?

Im in but it will probably take atleast another month till i can get it

I have to get 130cm

Ok If I get the chance this afternoon I do that. Thanks

No, It can be either sif or si up to you.

Far out thats crazy thats alomost the world record :astonished:


I’m in, that’s my highest sidehop. Gotta get 60 cm now.

I’ll play! Video in my sig has 1cm below my highest hop. It was 60, so I have to get 71cm!

cool comp idea, since pretty much everyone can play. I’m in, I haven’t broke 91cm. I’ve done 90cm over a bar at naucc though. I would love to get over 100cm so my goal would be 101cm.
(yes i apologize for the music mess up.)


Just thought I would post my progess I got 46cm twice today so 4 more cm to go maybe tomorrow if im lucky. :slight_smile:

good work :slight_smile: i haven’t had the chance today…too much homework :frowning:

Yes, got it today 50cm. :slight_smile:

YouTube - 10cm Sidehop Improvement Comp 50cm







I reckon to make the comp better it should be people who are at 0-60cm have to improve it by 20.people at 60 to 100cm have to improve by 10 and people 100+ have to improve by 5