1080 unispin by Forrest Rackard

watch out frenchies:p

Thats awesome Forrest! I really need to go ride with you guys sometime.

o yea awesome1!!!

  1. Next do it on flat
  2. Come visit Chicago
  3. get sponsored

Really impressive :astonished: . I’ve only seen Adrien trying it, never landing.

When in flat? :roll_eyes:

YEA FORREST! I knew you would get it!



And, I’d like to add- AMAZING, congratulations :slight_smile:

you amazing you know?

That was sick!!! Seriously congrats!!!


Good job, Forrest! That is awesome. At this rate, you’ll be doing a 1260 before you know it :wink:

Keep it up,


Adrien wants to know how many tries it took?

:astonished: wow! congrats dude!!

that was crazy

WHA! This is impossible, I can’t even spin a 720 unispin, and you landed a 1080! Your a beast! Congratulation!

Please, someone sponsor this kid immediately.

That was amazing!! Like 3 weeks after the 900 :stuck_out_tongue:


Wheres the victory shout? I was looking forward to getting really scared by you again lol


haha dude i love you haha I’m going to land a 900 asap now! this is so totally awesome! your insane man!!! i’ll sponsor you… lol :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

so smooth

fffffffffff… ah cool man… thats tops

he hack, ban him.

I am in awe.:smiley: