1080 SIDE - Christian Brink

At EUC this weekend I landed 1080 side:

Guess I’m the 5th to land it?

Oh My GOSH! That was AWESOME!

Crazy! A lot of 1080s are being landed at EUC!

nice, that was sick and really clean :astonished:

your spins look always so easy…
you spin so fast and land always really clean :slight_smile:

what’s even more impressive, is that if i’m right, christian landed his first 1080 the night just before…

Thanks to all of you! I have watched it so many times myself because it’s hard for me to believe that I should have landed it :wink:

Thanks Tim! I’m sad you couldn’t make it to EUC this time! I really missed you there :slight_smile:

Yeah, I landed my first and second 1080 the night before… and i don’t really know what happened but they were in a row :astonished:
The 1080side seemed easier to me :stuck_out_tongue: at least I didn’t used as many attempts :wink:

Yeah, while you were having fun, I was studying… ;(
grr I hate my exams :stuck_out_tongue: hopefully next euc winter will be in february so I can go again… :stuck_out_tongue: I really miss the euc atmosphere!! :roll_eyes:

and wow!!! 1080 and the day after 1080side…
Thats insane!!! Time to make a new vid :slight_smile: I don’t think I have seen a nice long vid of you lately… ^^

I have a couple of clips with pretty good riding :slight_smile: But many of them are indoor… and I hate indoor videos :frowning: When I have finished my brothers 26" video and the EUC video and the weather gets better I will make a long video :smiley: