1080 and 1080 side !!!

so… you got 3 1080’s in a row…?
WHOAT!!! :astonished: sick²²

so clean! and insane 1080side!

freaking insane!

:astonished: 3 in a row :astonished:

soon to come 1260?

ou my god, you are totally mad! how you can do it SO clean, i understand it… hat down before you!

holy shit

your insane, 3 in a row :astonished: :astonished: , and that 1080side, so clean :astonished:

Lol wtf. This dude is insane.

You’re doing it all wrong, dude… 1080s are supposed to look really hard :wink:

+1 :wink:

Pfffft. Speechless. 1260’s look possible when watching this.

Wow sick dude!

You’re mad bro! :astonished:

Time to do krisz10spin! :smiley:

Unbelievable! Three 1080s in a row and 1080 side!