106 cm over Bar

Just a small vid from my 106cm jump from yesturday. More to come :roll_eyes:

nice :slight_smile:
How high do you jump on pallets?
didn’t know there were more good trial riders in Sweden (the only one I know are Martin and Niklas) Are you coming to the EUC Summer edition(with them) ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t even know that they are about to go there, but i dunno :roll_eyes:
Hm, on pallets i’ve only done 110.5. But i suppose i can get higher than that now, cuz that was like a year ago and now i’m back from a veery long winter break.


Yes, guess if we missed him when we got to euc?!
Still he’s a little bit from my Swedish record(108,5) but this year will probably be a hard fight. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another announcement is that nor me, josef or Niklas will come to EUC.

pfft, i have the official record :roll_eyes: