100s of MUni Trails Reviewed by Riders

If you MUniers out there haven’t bumped into this site, you need to take a look. If you have something to say, please say it. This is a great resource. If you lose the URL, Tommy has it listed on the Memphis Unicycle Club links page.

This site tells about the best ways to go, the trailhead locations, etc. Very nice site.


Eric from Tx living temporarily in Little Rock AR is surrounded by trails that are highly thought of by Mountain B*kers.

I know most of the experienced MUni surfers already know about this site, but I just wanted to bring it to the forefront again because I like it.

I was going to complain that it was USA only, but it’s great!
loads and loads everywhere! :slight_smile:

Incidentally if you’re London based, I know loads of good trails near London, what with riding muni lots.


Joe, that would be great. I remember Oxshott Common, near Esher was good about 12 years ago…

about all I do at the moment is the towpath around Barnes, and in Richmond Park. only had the muni 2 weeks so still happy with the simple stuff!


Mike and Joe, the UK has a bunch of trails included. Austrailia too.

BTW I showed it to a trail runner friend of mine who loved it. He travels to various places. He was thrilled.

I posted a note about this site a year or more ago. It is an awesome site, the trail directions are terrific. I found out about Yancey’s Ridge from this site, and had a great laugh reading what Big Brain on Brad had to say about sissy boy Lee K.

“Faster than Your Mom, and twice as gnarley”.


I got well well muddy on the towpath by barnes the other day in that big rainstorm. I got told off in the nature reserve too, although the person telling me off was somewhat beffudled when I said it wasn’t a bicycle as Bi comes from the greek for two, they went off into a discussion about the root of the word and I left them to it. I quite often ride past there, I ride from Turnham Green to Balham and sometimes go via the river.

The UK trails on mtbreview are good as a starting point, but so many good UK trails are underground that even if they’re on there, there isn’t any detail about how to get to them. The other thing is that so much good riding isn’t mtb trails as such, it’s on the public rights of way network which is a weird UK specific thing.

The easiest really good trails you can get to from Barnes are those at Swinley Forest, which is about 1/2 a mile from Martins Heron train station (on the line for Reading), which is about 35 minutes train journey away. Or a drive away. The trails there are where the proposed olymic games mountain bike course is going to be. There are loads of singletrack trails throughout the woods there, starting from the “Lookout Centre” which is opposite Coral Beach Swimming pool (search the web for the location). It’s easy to get lost there, take a compass, or just ride around and ask people for directions when you need to get home. There’s an official mountain bike area which is easy to find and has a good few hours of riding and also loads of unofficial trails.

If you drive, or are willing to go a bit further on the train, the North Downs and Surrey Hills (between Dorking and Guildford) have an amazing number of trails, which are undoubtedly some of the best in the UK and are very suited to unicycling, as there’s so much close together. <http://www.nirvanacycles.com/> sell a map that shows where quite a few of the trails are, although is missing some of the more secret ones. They’re about 2 miles from Dorking train station by muni.

There’s also loads of other places reachable that are good, the South Downs has lots of mainly cross country riding, there’s some good riding out towards Basingstoke, round near Watership Down etc.

I’m moving out of London soonish, otherwise I’d offer to guide some rides this summer/autumn.


I was going to complain about it not having any for montana…
But It does!!!Its great!Not just mtb trails,but bmx and street trails too.

Cheers Joe,

I know Coral Reef, but only from the perspective of taking my daughter for a swim there - I can drop her & my girlfriend there & go riding for a few hours!

Alas I wouldn’t be around for a ride for a while as I’ve got to go to Snowdonia & the Lake District of a couple of weeks :sunglasses: but if you’ve any evening rides in London happening, let me know - but more advance warning than the last couple of times if possible!