100mm Isis Hub 36 hole

Looking for a 36 - hole 100mm Isis hub. (basic nimbus would work well)
Used is preferred. I will not accept offers more than $60, because I can get a new one for about that much. Must not be disc brake compatible, and must include bearings.
Almost any color is fine, but black would be best. :slight_smile:

Trev Ev

If you are looking for a a hub / wheel for a sun flat top DX Extreme, I think the bearings may not be 42mm on the outside ( like the Nimbus/KH ones are) - they were slightly smaller on the one I had (~41mm - mine was an offroad 24). You should measure them to be sure.

Niagaracycle has replacement wheels for Sun flat top unis (complete with ISIS hubs and the 41mm bearings) here:

Offroad 24 Replacement Wheel ( prb would fit the DX) - $73:



This would work, but I am working on a 26" wheel, instead of a 24", so if I got this wheel, the only part I would actually be using is the hub. Also, I contacted UDC and fount out that 42mm Hubs would fit.
I am not sure if you are looking at the right unicycle… Sun had a 24" flat top off road unicycle that they only made in one size. Mine is the gray Extreme DX that they offered in 20" and 24".

Yeah - not worth it if you’re after a 26" wheel.

Having used both the Flat Top Offroad and the Extreme DX, and having tried using a Nimbus hub on my Flat Top Offroad only to find the bearings didn’t fit, I just thought I’d pass on the solution that worked for me and save you a potential issue.

I didn’t check the bearings on the extreme DX but fig’d it was likely they were the same as the offroad.

The wheels on both unis looked very very similar (esp the hubs) so I recommended that wheel as a possible replacement even though it was for the offroad.

I hope the nimbus hub fits - sounds like you checked with a pretty reliable source.

All the best on your build.