100miles on an IUF standard 24" racer: Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge 2013

I spent the weekend doing my annual 160km ride around Lake Taupo. It’s New Zealands biggest cycling event, with over 9,000 rider each year.

For something different, I decided to ditch the big wheel and gears in favour of a standard class uni (24" wheel/125mm cranks,used in track racing and the standard 10km).

Here is my writeup:



Wow, what a ride! And quite a fine write-up too. Congratulations on a great accomplishment.

Congrats also on winning the spa pool. Yes, it’s a real shame there wasn’t any water in it when you really needed it. :slight_smile:

What an awesome prize!!!

Great write-up, and great effort. Congratulations!

Congratualations Ken!

I saw your finish time already in the “Who has completed a 100 mile ride?” thread. Quite a bit above your target of 9.5 hours. So I was curious to see the write-up to find out what held you back. Well there it is… saddle soreness, and lots of it (and a blown tyre). Perhaps the flatfish saddle it not at its best without handle bars? It seems quite narrow, and it looks quite firm too, and so the local pressure is high. It can’t be lack of buttock experience with long rides, you’ve even done 24 hours. I read about your usual training route being 25 km… did you train any longer rides?

All that aside, even 11:36 is a massive achievement on a standard uni, and possibly still the fastest ever. Kudos to you!. Naughty question at this time: are you going to do it again?

One little thing, in the write-up it says “maximal crank length of 125 mm”. That should read “minimal”.

The purity… That was awesome. I may have to build up an IUF 24 now. Sounds like a neat ride.

You were disappointed when you failed to complete it in under 10 hours. :astonished: How is this possible when you still did it on a ridiculously slow uni?

On a curved saddle- I don’t think I would have lasted half that distance. I did complete the first 80km well within my target time.

The thing which helps most with saddle comfort over long distances is resistance on the pedal, not the handlebar or even the saddle. On the big wheel/short cranks you’re always floating on the seat instead of sitting squarely on your bottom. Try riding a 36"/150mm vs a 36"/100mm cranks. You’ll be amazed how comfortable the short cranks are compared with the long.

I used the same saddle last year on a 36" and had no discomfort problems (and I snapped my handlebar off in a crash with 40km left to go).

The best thing is being able to lift the unicycle with one finger and toss it in the air. It weighs next to nothing!

Thank you very much for article!
I have to say that this is kinda strange prize… :roll_eyes:

Stunning ride.

Brilliant write-up.

Grand prize.

Lovely work all round.

Wow, that sounds painful :wink:
And take your pool to next Unicon. We’ll make use out of it.

Another epic ride to add to your credits Ken. Congrats, and thanks for the write up. Enjoy the hot tub.

Good to hear that Eric rode in this one as well. Way to go Saskie!!!

Way to go Ken! I can’t even imagine spinning a non-geared 24 for100 miles, let alone even 25 miles, no matter what length cranks! Congrats!

I’ll bet he’s got you thinking about doing it though :smiley:

Thought about it, but it would mean anther 28,000 revolutions compared to a 36er! And I do love spinning, but 84,000 revs in 100 miles is crazy! :astonished:

A picture taken at start when we were still fresh


Thanks for the picture Pagee
Oh my gosh
Now a 24 looks miniscule!
And a 36 doesn’t look much bigger :smiley:
Well done on a fun ride, well I’m sure Ken thinks it was fun now…
looks like the pool has already been co=opted for the next unicon :slight_smile:

Frankly, Ken looks miniscule as well :slight_smile:

Yes, interesting assortment of wheel sizes.

I’m not that small! It’s an optical illusion.