100km ride


Two friends and i have just ridden our cokers in Melbourne, Australia’s “Round the bay in a day”. it is a 100km cycle race (there is also a 210km option) for charity envolving close to 12 thousand riders every year. it was fantastic fun (and painfull), although we didnt finish as quickly as we would have liked due to my left crank constantly coming loose. has anyone else had this problem? we would tighten it up, and almost imediately is would feel like it was about to fall off again.

i was riding a kh gel seat and it was fine for the first half, but got painful towards the end. i think this is the best unmodified long-distance seat you can get.

What is the longest distance anyone has ridden in a single day? What size cranks were you using? I had 4 1/2 inch’s, which were good on the flat, but hard up the hills.



p.s. i am the guy on the right

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Congratulations, Max! That’s quite an achievement.

It sounds like it’s time for a new set of cranks.

Well done Max- it’s always satisfying to hit that century mark :slight_smile:

I was over in Melbourne late last year- would have been good to meet some other Coker riders but didn’t manage to get hold of any. I spent most of it riding up and down the (?)Murray River.

There is a 106km race over in Brisbane which I did a month ago- perhaps you might like to join me next year? It is the only race in Oz I’m aware of with it’s own unicycle category:

Another good race if you feel like joining us Kiwis is the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge happening in about 5wks time. Should be fun as there are about 10,000 riders every year (and a handful of unicyclists). You should join us! Airfares are cheap :wink:

There will be two Unicyclists soloing (Tony Melton and Peter Bier), and a 2 person team (80km each), and I’m undecided whether I’m doing a 2 lapper (320km) or joining Tony and Peter for the 160k.

Loose crank-what sort of cranks/hub were you using? I find the UDC hubs have a tendency to loosen up cranks because they don’t mesh to cranks as well as other square taper hubs.


Well done on cracking the century, Max! The next challenge you might like to do is an imperial century (160km) such as the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge as Ken mentioned.

Ken omitted to say that he holds the world record for greatest distance unicycled in 24 hours - 378.7km

Most long distance Coker riders use 125mm cranks, as this is a pretty versatile crank length - pretty fast on the flat and OK for hill climbing. I am considering using 125mm cranks for the first hilly 90km of the Lake Taupo century, then swapping to 114mm cranks for the remaining flat 70km.

I (and many other riders) have had the constantly loose crank syndrome. It happens because either the axle hole in the crank has become rounded or the hub itself has deformed around the axle flats. Cranks getting rounded out is the more common of the two, especially if you have aluminium cranks. The easiest fix to this is to get a new pair of cranks. You can fit an aluminium shim cut from a soft drink can around the flats of the axle to improve the crank’s fit. However, this fix usually doesn’t last very long and soon your crank will be loose again. If cranks become loose even just a little bit on the axle they can round out easily (or very easily in the case of some aluminium cranks). So if you ever feel movement from your cranks stop immediately and tighten it. Don’t ignore it, or you risk destroying the cranks or worse, the axle.

Is that Roz Beste riding with you in the photo?


ken- i might look into that brisbane ride, it sounds like fun. Also, 378km! You must be mad!

Tony- yes, that is roz beste. she deserves all the credit for organising the ride and all of the training.

Is that Roz in the middle, or have you found another girlie coker head in Aus?