100k UNICON Tips

Signed up for the 100km at UNICON. I am wondering what sort of times to expect, for the faster and slower riders. My goal is to just complete it and see how well I do, but I would also like to know that I’ll be finishing before everyone’s gone home :wink:

It also looks like a nice flat track that loops every 8k, which is a lot less intimidating than just riding from one city to the next.

Any other advice for racing such a distance compared to the marathon?

Who else is planning on doing it?

My guess is that the fastest times should be under 4 hours. Probably closer to 3:50.

I think there is a time cut off at 5:30?

Wow, I wasn’t expecting a flat course! That would be so fun if I were bringing my 36"…

It’s a real shame that they have some of the nicest mountains at their doorstep, and all the distance races are flat.

Is that listed somewhere?
It seems a bit short to me for the max limit. I mean even if you can do a marathon under 2 hours(just over 20km/h), you’re going to need at least 5 hours for 100km.
The numbers Scott said make sense, but only for the very fastest people.
Also with relay teams with a lot of people, there might be some slower people, so I can see those taking longer too.

Another competitor told me… if its true then it is a bit short…average 18.18kPH… thats if you dont fall, need the toilet, slow down to eat etc etc

Agreed. Is anyone else planning on doing it that isn’t super fast?

I am not that fast … I just want to complete the course :sunglasses:

I think exactly the opposite. If terminating after 60km or 70km means that you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, you have some inherent motivation to keep going.

I exept something between 4:45 and 5:00. At least in the end it will be decided by head. Does anyona know how many girls will start?

Could be a great place to pick up chicks! :slight_smile:

Agreed that can help. I was thinking of the “Way back seems shorter” phenomenon. When you ride somewhere new, the way back seems a lot faster. A one way path may seem to go on forever. Also you could end up on your own for 4 hours and that may be less motivating than having some spectators.
But I understand that you don’t want to get too comfortable and slow down or quit.

Sounds like a good goal, I’ll take the same :slight_smile:

Also just realized we placed right next to each other at Düsseldorf, so i know you’re not just being modest :wink:

I’m really looking forward to this 100km race. It’ll be hard though! 100km is enough to get fairly tired in a non-race ride, but when racing it I think it’ll be a real tough one.

It’ll depend on the conditions and course, but I agree with those who’ve said under 4 hours for the leaders… potentially well under. I’ll put my guess at 3:45 (just under 27kph).

5:30 seems fair for a cut-off. It’s a race, after all, and you can pick any other day you wish to go for a fun long ride at your own comfortable pace. I think if you’re not able to finish in that time then entering a 100km race solo is probably not for you! There are relay team options and also shorter races. It’s a very long event for marshals and officials already.

As for tips… prepare! Make sure that this isn’t the first time you’ve ridden 100km. The more you train for it the more enjoyable it will be. It’ll probably be warm, so drinking plenty of water and taking on extra sugar, bananas, food etc. at regular intervals will be essential.


I don’t think 5:30 is an outrageous expectation, but it seems disproportionally short if they are using it as a strict cut-off, compared to the marathons, where there is commonly people finishing up to 4 hours.
Even if it takes someone 5:45 for some reason, I wouldn’t call it a “comfortable pace”, and they should be allowed to finish.
It is a race, but it’s also supposed to fun. For me, without these kinds of events, I probably wouldn’t have been motivated to learn to ride these distances.

As for the relay team, some of those could easily take even longer, if lots of new people sign up together, they could still be a lot slower than the solo people, and I don’t think they should be cut off either.
I do hope everyone is able to finish under that time however, but if some can’t, we should still be cheering them on.:slight_smile:

With all people going for 100km solo, many more relay team members with different setups and guys cycling at an average speed of 27kpm I am wondering how this will all work out together. Does anybody have a clue how many people registered?

Yes this is a very good question, am also wondering. :smiley:
Is there no way to check how many people are signed up for each event?

One option I guess would be what they do in mountainbiking. If you’re lapped out…you still get a placing when you finish your current lap, but don’t have to complete any more laps.

The speed gaps are too big in unicycling; there probably will be people lapped on their second lap, and definitely by the third.