100k Flyer Race Story

Last Sunday Kirsten Henderson, Danny Peters and I rode a metric century on our Cokers from Rotorua to Taupo. I improved on my previous result for 100km and Kirsten is now the first female unicyclist in NZ to have ridden 100km (that we know of). Read my 100k Flyer story at unicycle.co.nz.

No, I believe Rachel Shaw rode at least 100km a year or so back. On a 29"

Great write-up, well done to all three of you!

That bright orange coker rocks:)

Oh yes, I had forgotten about Rachel. Do you know how far and how long (time) Rachel rode for, Ken? Was that at the Rainbow Rage?

No I don’t, I think she felt like going for a 100km one day and just went out and did it. Can’t have taken her very long, she’s not much slower than me on the road. No it was not at the Rainbow Rage, she didn’t make it there.