100cm side/rolling hop comp

Let’s play.


-You can’t have landed it before
-It must be on film and you must film and measure the height
-Can be done with a rolling hop or sidehop
-It can’t be 99.99cm

We can start after say…5 people have joined? Have I missed anything?

Keen as mate, I’m still at about 92 cm so i’m not sure how long it’ll take for me to hit a meter.

I am at 63

I’m at 85. A meter seems like it might as well be the moon.

But I’ll see what I can do. I’d be happy if I got to 90.

im at 87 static so i might as well give this a try.

I hit 92 over the bar at NAUCC. And today I got 82 rolling onto pallets. So I’ll have a go at it. I’d LOVE to get a 100cm rolling hop.

Okay. We can start in 24 hours.

Im in even no im a fair bit off 100cm.

I can jump 100cm easy SIF…
But may I joint for the rolling hop?
My record is something like 92cm :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, you can’t officially join but you can still do it for fun. I would definitely like to see who gets 100cm first out of you and me. I do rolling hops and my highest is 94cm at the moment.

I’m in, when we start?

haha ok :slight_smile:

I’m in, my highest is about 96 :slight_smile:

sidehop sticks at 66cm (aim to clear 80 this live,hahhaha)so 100 is like Mt.Everest.
rolling around 42 :angry:

We can start now but pity I got to go to a 3 day school camp >.<

I’m in for rolling,best is like 90cm

i am just starting to side hop. can someone give me tips on properly side hopping sif?

I got on the edge of 102cm yesterday now I just need to stick it.

I’ll join:)