1000+ unicycles

has anybody bought a unicycle over 1000 bucks?..and why?


cause i didnt want the KH 07 so i built up a different trials uni

Yes, there wasn’t a descent 26" muni so I built up my own. It ended up to be $1,003 U.S.

now thats cutting it fine!

I have a DM ATU, which currently costs $1,156 at Unicycle.com (it didn’t when I got mine). Why? It was the only unicycle in the world with a splined axle at the time (1999). My main MUni ride is my Wilder. At the time, it was the only MUni with an aluminum frame, and was also my first unicycle wide enough to fit a 3" tire. Plus it had the Profile Poznanter hub, KH seat and indestructible Sun Doublewide rim.

I didn’t pay retail for either of those, but they were worth the price at the time, as there weren’t any “cheap” MUnis on the market that could take it. Nowadays I can’t think of a good reason to spend so much on a unicycle unless it’s:

  • A Schlumpf
  • Highly custom, or handmade
  • For collector/novelty/specialty purposes

It’s hard to get a serious touring cycle for less than that, especially before the Nimbus 36er came out.

Last year I built a Hunter 36"er. I never really calculated the total cost but it was probably $1,100 - $1,200. I spent the money because I knew I would get serious about distance unicycling and I wanted the best. I could have bought a stock Coker but I knew that before long I would upgrade. I decided to do it ‘right’ the first time. I’m not sorry I spent the money because it’s by far the nicest unicycle I’ve ridden in my 36 years of unicycling. The precision and craftmanship of every component makes the expense well worth it. I LOVE MY 36" UNICYCLE!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a trials uni just like iridemyuni, but with profiles and a cf base. I spent wayyy to much. Worked all summer for it =)

you are one lucky man.



It’s so pretty…

I’m sure Roger from UDC.UK has at least a couple.

His custom cf frame Muni would fit the bill.

After getting my Torker 24" DX I thought about souping it up to the max and came up with this:

Torker $259
Qu-Ax 170 mm cranks $75
Wallis cf seat base $170
KH seat cover $19
Air pillow $17
Trials tube (for air pillow) $9
Wellgo magnisium pedals $66
Thudbuster 3" suspention seat post $175
Nokian 3" tube $10
Duro Wildlife 3" tire $23
Reeder handle $40
Magura hydralic brakes $179
Shipping apprx $100
Total: $1,142

When I saw what all that added up to I quickly lost interest. I’m still thinking about the Thudbuster, but I think I’d need the Wallis base because I can’t spare the 2" for an addapter on top of the min 5.66" clearance for the seatpost.

Edit: also thinking about a Nimbus 29" w/ a 2" Thudbuster, but then I’d likely have the same problem.

Both my Hunter 36 and my Rowing muni top $1000.


I have a tryalls uni just like Danni and iridemymuni except Onzas, Tryall rim, and my carbonfiber isnt as fancy as Danni’s. I dont know*how much it cost it was almost 1000 maybe. But ive upgraded it alot so with all the upgrades counted ive spent over 1000 to get it to where it is.

Does buying a Schlumpf count? Cause i might be getting 1 soon. :smiley: :smiley: :wink:


Er, which bit of that uni is tryall apart from the rim?


$1000 isn’t that much in the grand scheme of things. I used to do recreational road biking and my road bike cost $3500. And in the road bike world that’s kinda mid-range. Most of my serious (competitive) biking buddies have spent upwards of $5000 for their rides.

The most I’ve spent for a uni was $700 for my Nimbus 36. That included upgrade spokes and shipping.