1000 foot drop

i was riding my uni out in the rockies (Alberta, Banff) i slipped and my unicycle fell about 50 foot hit a tree broke the crank eeesh that was a close 1 but the scenery was beautiful. A long steep ride up hill i cactually found it easier to ride the uni up hill than walk especially cause ide be walking about 5 miles up and five miles back. There was some awsome mountain terrain i guess thats why they call it a mountain hmmmm im going to ponder on this (laugh out loud) but back on track its not to fun going up but once your at the top there are some ink pots sadly to find out you cant swim in the ice cold water ITS PROTECTED. When you leave youll find heading back is alot easier but at some parts it gets preety steep and you get close to falling off the mountain. Thats all i have to say if you have ever gone up here please reply of any things you found was hard

or just reply come on tell me what u think eesh

Eye think you didn’t deliver on your subject line. Readers are disappointed your unicycle didn’t plummet 1000 feet.

Somehow that doesn’t sound right.

i understand lol that just hurt my feeling im just joking it still broke god that is bad grammar of me