1000 cm. Static-Consecutive High Jump Competition

Hey everyone,

I had this awesome idea to have a completely new competition.

What it is whoever can post a video of them completing multiple high jumps, with a grand sum of 1000+cm. wins. To win you must have the least amount of jumps going to 1000. The other catch is it has to be done without messing and in one go around. If you fall off the unicycle, you must start over.You may step off the unicycle, but at no time can you cut your camera. To make this fair, I’ll divide the comp. into three age divisions

15 and below

The deadline is August 1st!

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So, one consecutive sesh sorta thing? Like, you hop, land, maybe step off, get back on, do it again. But at NO time can you cut the camera?

Or, do all the hops to be in a row, each one being landed.

if so, i’m in then. woot.

Sounds like no getting off.

The other catch is it has to be done without messing and in one go around. ?

Please expalin this.

I was thinking more of the first one.

As in, static jump up, land, get off, repeat to 1000 without messing up.

But I can change it if you guys like

oh, no, that makes it more of a challenge. Thats good. It sounds great. Count me in.

I say you cant step off the uni. That will make for a good physical challenge to some people.

Dude, I don’t know if it’s just beacue I’m an unfit fatass, but high jumps wear me out quick, 5 in a row and I need a break.

I agree with Jerrick,

You cannot step off the unicycle at any time.

Edit: Just watch I’m gonna get to 999 and collapse

Well, this will be fun for you.

If it goes how id like it to go at least.


Im in now. Time to let the sweat drip.

I’m in!

I’ll try sometime tommorow though maybe…

Wait! Least hops total, including setup hopping around, or just hops onto the obstacle? Because the first would be way cooler. For me at least.

I am in!!! I can hit 50cm static and I have them extreamly consecutive…

cool indeed, but hard to count

How bout another rule. Every hop has to be higher then the last :stuck_out_tongue:

What obstacle? He said high jump. That means over a bar unless he says otherwise. In which case it should be called side hops or whatever.

Should all hops should be counted, or just all the big ones?

Another fun challenge would be total elapsed time. So a greater # of hops, done faster, would also be a winner.

No actually thats probably a bad idea lol. You’d have to set up too many obstacles.

ya is it over a bar or just up an obstacle… cause i learned just how different those are this year at naucc

well… i’ll go at it

i guess me and jerrick will hit up the tables tomorrow

Let me try this again.

I did mean sidehop, reason being not everyone here has a bar to set up.

Once you begin you may never step off the unicycle (unless you are at 1000) or you must start over.

The only thing you count is your big hops. This is better because when we watch the winners video, we can agree that he has this # of hops.

Every object does not have to be the same height. If you’d like to set up different heights, be my guest.

At the end of 1000, you must go over to each obstacle and measure it.

Remember, August 1st

this comp is kinda silly… It will make for really boring video’s too… but I guess you want to claim 1km sidehop(s)