100 tricks - Consistancy Comp

New comp. The idea is to land 100 tricks in a row on video.

Heres the rules;


Repeating tricks
Steping off the unicycle between tricks
Steping out of the camera view
Prehop(s) before a fakie trick
Static/rolling tricks make no diffrence.
180 hoptwists and variations also do not count. example: switch, fakie, blind, late, 180twist etc.

Lets have some sort of a deadline so if nobody makes it to 100 tricks we’ll name the winner that got the closest.

Whos in?? :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I’m going to go film now. And maybe write down a list…

I think the no 180 hoptwists is dumb

If there was no deadline i would be in… i dont think i can do 100 tricks yet.

50 sounds more reasonable than 100. I can’t even name 100 on the spot, let alone remember them when i’m riding, and what I repeated.

50 and i would be in. to remember: make a list.

Would stuff like a legwrap with the other foot and a leg wrap the other direction be diffrent tricks?
I have 39 tricks i can remember so far. cant do them all very consistantly…

EDIT is a 90 unispin crankflip and 90 body varial crankflip (both to wheel) diffrent tricks?
Could i do semi flips and semi monkey kicks?

I don’t know 100 tricks! I think it should be like you can only do a trick 2 or 3 times.

Fine make it 50 :stuck_out_tongue: or how about… who can land the most tricks?

But I just went out and landed 49… I’ll still aim for 50.
Any Terrain, no semi tricks :stuck_out_tongue: its not like people do 0.8 crankflips and 120 unispins.

I guess i won’t have much competition… People like Shaun and Luke don’t want people seeing them do basic tricks… I guess.

P.S I’m so tired… Its more a matter of fitness… Not consistancy…

When I finish this I’ll edit the video and name every trick, so it can also be like a trick name guide for the newbies.

I am in then. (for 50)

So how about leg wraps with diffrent feet and direction?

Oh, and can we do a trick twice but it doesnt count. like do a 90 unispin to get to tire to do a 180 on wheel and then later do a 90 to tire to do a 270 off? or would i need to do like a 90 then 180 then 90 and 270 on then 270 off?

I’m in.

That would be a blind legwrap.

And yes you can do tricks like 180 unispins and 90 unispins to get into whatever stance you want. Its just not counted in your total.

Booya! :smiley:

Just to clear things up, you can do blind switch and fakie tricks. Just not 180 twist variations that only consist of a diffrent stance.

I’m in :smiley:

I’m in . For me to do this I’d have to write out a list and have whoever filming me to read the list out to me so I dont do a trick twice and so I don’t have to remember.

I have a system :smiley: I do a trick, then do the blind and fakie version of it, then with a 180 twist, then etc.

But sometimes I just go crazy… I’m watchin my attempts right now and I didn’t repeat any tricks. Can’t get past 50 at the moment…

Thats also what I was thinking to. Like start with a 1spin, then blind, then switch , then fakie. Does tire to tire count as a separate trick?

It doesn’t have to be flip tricks does it?

I can nail 200 tricks in a row easy if i can do both freestyle and street in there.

At least I think I can.

We must define, what counts as a trick? Is hopping a trick? Is 1 footed a trick? Is backwards riding a trick?

Also, are you aloud a brief rest in between, like getting off and chilling for 2 minutes (fast forwarding through that part obviously).

This competition needs more rules.

These vids are going to be very long and boring to watch :roll_eyes:
How much creativity can you put in a vid with 50 tricks.

But I suppose the point of comp is not to create a interesting video

No getting off the unicycle :stuck_out_tongue: Then theres not much point.

Any trick is a trick, freestyle, flat, street, flip whatever. But of course riding backwards and hoping wouldnt be included, thats just ridiculous Pele;)… But if you included it I really wouldn’t care, afterall it only counts for 1 trick.

I don’t see the need for more rules. Just go out and hit 100 tricks, its not that easy.

I like seeing how consistant people are :slight_smile:

do us all a big favor and please don’t post the videos to the video forum… or anywhere else, except the winner… this is going to be one boring comp to watch! idk if i can do 50 tricks, i’ll write them down and see.

Id like to see them in the video forum. there’s no videos of late anyway.