100 Miles in 1 Day for City of Hope

Hi everyone! My next 100 mile ride is set for THIS Thursday, 12/4/14! I will be pedaling my 36er unicycle 100 miles (nearly 57,000 revolutions!) from dawn to dusk! I will also be documenting the event with my gopro - while riding!

This ride is especially meaningful to me, as I am doing it in memory of my brother Gary, who recently passed away after a long and heroic battle with Leukemia. I have set up a fundraiser with City of Hope, and all donations will benefit Leukemia research. I hope you will support this very important cause with your generous donation of any amount, and I thank you in advance for your contribution!

Terry “UniGeezer” Peterson


Terry, I recall hearing you mention your brother’s fight in the past. I’m sorry to hear that he has passed on.

Best wishes.

Is there any way of donating without having a credit card? Maybe PayPal?

Thanks Killian.

Hey Eric. Looks like currently only CC and debit cards are the only option. I want to point out that the nominal “processing fee” is optional, and you can simply choose to not pay it when donating. :slight_smile:

I am very happy and excited to report that my City of Hope fundraising goal of $1,000 was just surpassed! Thanks to those who have donated to this very worthy cause, and there is still plenty of time left! :slight_smile:

Have a Great Ride Terry! Hopefully the weather will be in your favor. It is a nice gesture that I am sure your brother would have loved.:slight_smile:

Terry, I am anxious to see this video! Is anyone riding partial legs if the ride with you? If you ever do coast to coast I will ride the last 25 miles with you in NC :slight_smile: … Even get you to the airport so you can get home!

Thanks guys!

@Dean: I’ll be riding solo and since it’s a weekday most others are working or otherwise not in the area. Channel 4 KNBC and 7 KABC will be meeting me there for a couple interviews for their news programs, which I hope will result in more donations to my charity, City of Hope! :slight_smile:
(And if I ever get out to NC I will take you up on that!)

Sounds like a plan!

Is there a way I could send a check? PM me with an address if you don’t want to post it. I would be glad to.

That’s really nice of you! PM sent. :slight_smile:

I guess you are some 40 - 50 miles in right now.

Hope you are having a smooth day.

What a fantastic day! Started at 6:15am, and hit the century mark at 5:10pm. Not too bad total time considering breaks, filming while riding, and the TV news interview took about 45 min.

The weather was close to ideal, and it was the smoothest and most awesome long ride I’ve had yet, mostly because I was doing it for my brother Gary, who I felt was right there with me! I’ll get a good night’s sleep then try to work on getting the video online by tomorrow afternoon. Thanks to all for your support and inspiration! I loved every mile of it!


Just awesome what a man can do with DNA inspired effort and serious training. So glad the media covered it as well.

I’d love to get a breakdown on how much water, electrolytes and food you consumed. Looking forward to the video. Congrats on another amazing ride.

Thanks Legdog. I got lots of good footage, mostly while riding and I cover a lot of that. But I really swear by “NUNN” electrolytes! In previous centuries I would sometimes develop seriously painful leg cramps, but the last to I’ve done there was zero cramping!

I basically add 5 or 6 fizzie tabs to 100 oz of water/gatorade and I’m good to go. For food, before the ride I had a bowl of oatmeal with banana and raisins, and drink 16oz of gatorade with a NUNN added, to “prime the pump” so to speak.

During the ride I ate oatmeal cookies (super good and high in carbs), dried fruit, almonds, trail mix and GU energy gels. I think I must have burned close to 5,000 calories all told. :slight_smile:


Go Terry!

My condolences on your loss, I remember one (or all?) of your previous centuries were for your brother and the charities associated with his illness. It’s good to know his memory is continuing to inspire you! :slight_smile:

Did you have any technical hiccups this time? I seem to remember broken spokes… :astonished:

I too would be interested in a calory/water/whatever else you consume on these adventures breakdown, and how you manage to carry all all of it!

Thanks so much, and you have a very good memory! Yes, on my very first century I had several broken spokes, mainly because they were defective and NOT the black stainless OEM that Kris has on all his unis. These were a no-name silver spoke and they were just maybe a bad batch, but I really wanted the KH spokes. So Kris subsequently sent me a new replacement set of the correct spokes, and I haven’t had an issue yet, after several years now! But luckily it was smooth sailing all the way today. I posted about food and stuff a post or two back.



Great Job! I was think of you this morning wondering if you would be in the clear as far as rain. At 4:00 am in San Diego it was really pouring. Figured if you missed that last spell of rain at least the cool tempetures would help you out. Congrats on a fantastic ride.

I’d love to know what size cranks you used. Assuming 110?

Yeah luck was on my side weather-wise! I was using 114mm centures zero “Q” cranks.

Ok, What are NUNN stuff? I have never heard of it. Also, what does GU stand for? I am really looking forward to the video! You are the man Terry! Congrats on the accomplishment!