100 mile sponsored muni ride

This weekend I will be attempting to ride 100 miles on my 24 muni to help raise money for my gap year trip to Uganda for five months working with a charity. Along with a friend on a b*ke to keep me going, we’ll be riding the canal-side towpath from Bath to Newbury, and back on the Sunday. It is forcast to be sunny over the weekend, but as it’s been raining heavily all week the ground should be nice and squidgy! There is mention on the guide to the route, of ‘sections on uncultivated fields’. Should be interesting. Also, riding for 7 hours a day on a standard KH Velo seat should prove… uh… interesting. All in all, an interesting experience awaits. :slight_smile:

I’ll be able to give an account of just what such an ordeal is like next week, assuming there haven’t been nevous breakdowns or the like.

Should you be interested, my site for the event is http://www.redwelly.co.uk

  • Sam

Good luck, that’s gonna be some task!

Do yourself a favour and get vaseline creamy

Glob some on before you go (in privacy!) right up at your 'leg/torso creases

It works WONDERS!

Tempting as this Vaseline gunk is, I think I’ll give it a miss. I’ve been alright on the chaffing with my cycling shorts so far, and I wouldn’t like to try slathering dubious substances on myself without an adequate trial period - anything might happen! I don’t have any anyway :slight_smile:

  • Sam

Good luck, Red!

Bad call, but you’re entitled to it

Even with cycle shorts, I’d at least take some talcum powder; doing that kind of distance is going to invovle some seat harshness.

I don’t know how effective it is compared to vasaline, but it does help with friction and is totally unmessy.

Good luck with the ride.

Good luck…that’s quite a ride you’ve got ahead of you!


Re: 100 mile sponsored muni ride

A century on a 24’ MUni- that is so Hardcore!

Hope you have fun on your ride and not get too sore. Riding for charity is good fun! Did you get a lot of sponsors?

We’re just about to fly to Ho Chi Minh city for our charity cycle ride. Can’t wait.

Have fun, and post lot’s of pictures!


100 miles on a 24? Amazing ambition. Good luck.

168,068 pedal strokes. :astonished:

I dunno, some people get rashes from the weirdest things and you sure as hell wouldn’t want a rash there. I get a rash from one of the deodorant and itchy armpits isn’t very nice either. But itchy …s wouldn’t be cool.

Is he still going? Is he in casualty with an eroded rear end? Did he make it? Enquiring minds want to know!


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