100-mile backcountry ride on a unicycle? No problem.

Just saw this on Fark.com :slight_smile:


Wow, what a determined guy! Props to him for tackling what most people (including a lot of us) would probably have considered impossible – to go from near total beginner to 100-mile racer in such a short span of time!

From the one photo and the video clip, it looks like he may have benefited from learning about holding the seat, or a handle, but he killed it anyway.

19 hours on an oregon?! :astonished:

I wonder what his distance record before that day was.

He must have been gelded.
On the other hand he had the balls to tackle this.

Awesome! I’d love to attempt that sometime. I know how difficult winter ultras can be; he definitely lucked out with near ideal conditions. But that too is part of winter ultras! Mad props!

What an accomplishment! Anyone else notice the writer saying: 'as he coasts by". Not clear on the uni concept!


Thought I had this all figured out as soon as I noticed the date on the article
April 1st, 2014. After doing some side entry, the paper and story seem to be legit. I was thinking an April fools joke maybe. The side note about fat tired bikes racing in the Iditarod didn’t help either. Something fishy about this I think. If he did do it, it’s amazing to say the least, If it’s a spoof then it was done very well. Hats off whichever the case. :slight_smile:

Ya, i noticed the date after i posted this and wondered the same thing.