$100 Manly Dam MUni Challenge (Sydney, Australia)

Just wanted to post a $100 cash challenge to anyone that lives near Sydney or comes to visit.

Manly Dam is one of the best MUni loops in Sydney and maybe even Australia. It is a 10.3km circuit and has a little bit of everything, single track, fire road, smaller hills and technical bits. Click here for more info. It’s fun for riders of all abilities as the technical sections can easily be walked or ridden around.

I’m very lucky to have just recently moved 1 block from the trail and have been riding the loop several times a week. Ridden it roughly 100 times or so since I’ve moved to Australia 2 years ago. Every time I ride it my goal is to either do the full loop with no dismounts (average is 5.2 falls) or break my speed record which is currently 49 minutes, 2 seconds (average is 58 minutes, 57 seconds).

My challenge is to anyone to complete the loop with no dismounts on any unicycle and I’ll give you $100 cash! I’ve done it 3 times so it’s very possible but it’s an hour of riding and something always seems to throw me off. I’ll even let you take any line you want on the difficult sections, A, B, C…I usually always take the most difficult lines but it’s up to you.

For a second challenge if you make it up “heartbreak hill”, a steep but short hill, without falling I’ll buy you a beer (~$5).

So the challenge is on so come out and give it a go! Trying to get more MUni riders out here and maybe this will help push some people. Preferably I would ride with you to make sure no cheating is involved but if you happen to do it without me and I know you and/or trust you, I’ll probably give it to ya. Oh ya, and if you do it under 50 minutes, that’s another $20 (doesn’t matter how many times you fall). Therefore if you do it with no falls under 50 minutes, that’s $125 I owe you! Any takers?

Wow- you must really want some company on those trails Jamey! Next time I come up to sydney I’ll pack up my muni and hit up the manly dam circuit with you. I don’t need a wager- but the offer of a beer is good enough for me.

Yes, Sydney needs more MUni riders! It’s fun and all by yourself but it’s also fun to go on group/social rides every now and then. We did it almost weekly in Minnesota and several times a month in California and I definitely miss it. Been here 2 years and only done 2 social rides. Plus it helps to push you to do different lines and such. That’s it, I’m planning a social ride right now. Click here for the details.

And for sure hit me up next time you come to Sydney. Have you ridden it yet?

I’ll make a point to visit next time I’m in Sydney, but like Napalm said, a beer is good enough for me too.

In fact, Ginger Beer is even better :slight_smile:

Hey, Jamey! Glad to hear you have some good Muni. If I’m ever down there…
I was channel surfing the other day and caught Gigi in a movie, something like “Showdown at Area 57”. I liked it and Gigi was great(and gorgeous!)

Bugger, looks like I’ll remain poor and thirsty.I hope to make the social ride.


…still waiting for the ¢100 dudely ditch challenge…

Not quite sure what you mean here?

I will certainly be there, although your money is safe with me. I know Manly Dam and I will be doing plenty of PDs.