100 "Likes" - Kevin Kartchner

I posted a facebook status on facebook saying that if 100 people “liked” my status I would post a new unicycle video. They were awesome and made it happen.

Check out http://www.relentlessbyfate.com for awesome unicycle tutorials and data tricks.

http://www.vooray.com/ is the place to go for some dope clothing and a party.

Thanks to Clint Feinauer, Maxime Peabody, Spencer Daines, David Daines, and Colby Thomas for filming.

Let me know what you think! Enjoi.

so sick, that grind was so slow idk how you made it down the whole thing. so steezy dude. keep doin what you do!

Hey, cool video. The slow grind was crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

really nice vid

Please, Kevin. Please, please, please make videos regularly. This is so freaking nice to watch. The edit was really perfect for your riding style, which is perfect in itself. The treytriple looked so effortless, I watch it over and over every time. I actually haven’t watched this video through yet without replaying any part of it, and I’ve watched it like six times… So awesome…

I agree 100% ! :smiley:

I love this video, and you :wink:

wow sweet video i wish i could ride like you guys!!! :o

That was so cool! The riding was really creative and huge! The quadbackflip was insane!

Thanks to the 99 other person who liked his status.

Fun edit, great riding. Must have more.

hey Kevin. sick video! :slight_smile:

the long grind was soo nice! And your flips are just crazy.
That green rail looks so nice. I was hoping you would flip out of it or something. :roll_eyes: but you’re probably just saving up for the next vid :slight_smile:

Thanks guys :slight_smile: The grind didn’t feel to slow but it was hard to stay balanced!


I agree 100% ! :smiley:

Thanks! I wanna try to make a video once a month :slight_smile:

Thanks sophia! The green rail was on the wrong side for me so i was trying it blind :stuck_out_tongue: which wasn’t a good idea with the huge kink at the end! :stuck_out_tongue: i have a few clips i’m saving for a new video :slight_smile:

PS no one noticed i spell mac millers name wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

I noticed, Kevin. I noticed.