100 Km

Hi there!

I’m planning to run the 100 Km event at unicon montreal. Does anybody know the results in italy? The links I found here are expired. It doesn’t need to be very accurate…





Avg speed was 27.4 km/h !!!


valeu mano!!! abraço!!!

I “officially” got third. I did the entire 100km with zero dismounts. :slight_smile:


Great Corbin!!!

I’m starting to plan the trip and the race now! There’s a lot of time until unicon, but I like doing thins in advance. Lookinf for sponsors and stuff like that. I hope we can meet in montreal, at least at the beginning of race, because I don’t think I’ll run that fast. 224 minutes is quite a time…

Wow! How was your crotch afterward? I remember the last few kms of the Marathon in Denmark, which I did without a dismount. By then my crotch was ready to sue me and move to a different person. Ouch!

So how do you keep the circulation flowing and all like that?

I imagine you don’t:p

It’s super disapointing that they still haven’t posted the times of everyone who finished like was promised. It looks like half the people got disqualified. Regardless of all the issues of the race itself, it would be nice to at least be awknowledged as completing the event.

The shirt is awesome though!

I hope the second shot at this event is better for everyone!

what caused all the DQs?

My crotch was fine! I’m a firm believer that you can be okay with long distance unicycling if you put a lot of the weight into your handlebar.


Do to how they scheduled the race with the city they could only have people racing for 5 hours. So they said if you didn’t start your last lap befor 4.5 hours they would take your chip but you could still keep riding and finish the race and get the secret prize(The T-shirt!).

What sucked was that when I didn’t start my lap in time they took my chip, I got back on and knoticed the track was blocked off. So they made us do 21 laps on the running track for our last lap. This was really an uneventful finish and you couldn’t tell who was about to finish so there wasn’t much cheering or anything(except for the awesome german group who drove me to unicon!).

Basically we didn’t know till the day before that there was a time limit, but I was told we could still finish and have our times written down and get the shirt. Also the paths weren’t really blocked off very well at all and there were a lot of near collisions or bails do to confused pedestrians, so the whole issue seemed silly.

I understand that this is a new race and must be a nightmare trying to schedule that long of a race inside a city and I’m just really glad I was able to do it! It would be cool if the times were listed so when people inquire like this as to other peoples times they don’t think everyone who did the race was crazy fast, since obviously a lot of people weren’t.

Ok sorry I just wanted to explain everything. I’ll send it to someone relavent :stuck_out_tongue:

I know that the guys in Montreal are already working on their distance courses and a time cut off should be much less of an issue.

Then again, when working with cities on such projects I see how there can be delays in getting information, the city changing its mind at the last minute, etc. I expect it may make for more surprises in future races…

I actually asked the organisers before the event about the time limit and they said that they wanted everybody to finish and there would just be less officials on the course after 5hrs… I ended up scratching anyway, mainly due to it being too close to the marathon and I wasnt recovered enough but also the course was in truth a cross country obstical course :frowning: :frowning: … I hope the montreal course will be on a sealed serface and be wide enough to pass safely with no pedestrians on it!!!