100+ heat, bee stings & wicked pinch flat!

Probably one of the shortest MUni rides we’ve done, lol! Me & John Long (Vivalargo) at “Suicide connector” was really over before it even started!:frowning: At least John got in a couple good lines! :slight_smile:

On my very first line, (Hike up, ride down) I had a nasty pinch flat, (LOUD Pssssssssssssss!!!) and with bees stinging me, (I counted 7 stings! :astonished: ) hundred+ degree heat with no shade, we had to head back.

To make matters worse, I had to carry my MUni all the way back since the tire-totally flat-kept flopping over to one side rubbing against the rim. Oh well, stuff happens! Still fun while it lasted…all 10 minutes of it lol! :smiley:

Don’t blink it’s short lol! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMCEmlt_Uiw

hahaha that was pretty funny when you got the pinch flat…

‘Oh ____, pinch flat, thats all for me.’

Haha, family forum so I bleeped it! It wasn’t that bad though, but you can fill in the blank lol!:stuck_out_tongue:

same thing happened to me on my trails today…but mine was on a 3 set:p … luckily i had my Muni for back up…i seriously need a new tire…you can see the threads in the side of my CC, but it still has tons of tread but lots of dry rot…sorry im off subject…looked like a fun trail

Curse you pinch flats… I get them alot when tricking down sets… Just ruins the day…

wow Terry, you knew instantly what had happened. Sometimes people don’t realize what went wrong at first.

Yeah I knew fast! I just took the tube out and here’s the classic “snake bite” pinchy! I wonder if I can patch it? Thoughts?

maybe, it looks a little big though. You’d need two or three patches, and that’d only have to be temporary.

gosh you must have had your tire at low pressure.

I didn’t think it was. It was the same pressure I normally use all the time and I even use that same psi to do like 6’ drops with no problem. I’m sure it was just the direct impact with that pointed rock! It must of hit it just in the right/wrong spot, lol. Kind like getting a charly horse with a knuckle to your arm! It just kinda goes right to the bone! :astonished:

Tubes are cheap and easy to come by, rides are not. I don’t patch tubes. Pitch the Holy tube and go buy 2 others. That way you’ll have one in your car for the next time.

Yeah, earlier I went ahead and replaced it with a fresh tube that has the same type steel valve, which I like way better than the rubber ones since they stay put with the the nuts you tighten onto them. I just glad I didn’t make a flat spot in the rim!

If you do a good job, you could patch those holes.

The one on the left will need the long patch (I’d use a long one on each).

When I was a kid I kept patching the same tubes and one I had almost 15 patches on it before I got a hole that was too big. (A lot of thorns in my area.)

I’d use alternate two tubes and always carry the spare. When I get home I patch the tube w/ the hole. I also brought my kit in case I got two flats. On one ride I got 3:( and the 3rd was a pinch flat too big to patch (no pressure gauge).

Now I carry a digital pressure gauge too.

Haha I have the same kit but never had a use for the long patch-until now! Thanks!:smiley:

Time to watch Northstar Nincumpoops!

Haha pinchy at 3:21! (Seen it before it’s cool! :sunglasses: )

Anyway, this should hold!:smiley:


Haha, when you explain “thats my first pinch flat, never had one before”.

You talk fast and sound like you had a lot of caffine.

Quite humorous… Pinch flats suck though, so I appologize for your loss of a tube.

Haha yeah well, I’m naturally energetic! MUni is a great outlet for my excess exuberance!:stuck_out_tongue:

But you’re right; I had three 20oz diet pepsis and a big slice of 7 layer choc. cake before the ride, so that may have amped me just a little bit extra!:smiley:

Haha, those short breaths and exessive talking gave you away… 3 pepsis? Caffine used to have no effect on me, but now its just the worst feeling ever… I hate it, lol.

Ok, back on topic now… I promise.

I didn’t feel short of breath in the least, even from the very steep and strenuous hike up, (just moments before that shot!) not to mention the 100+ degree heat! My lungs are in tip top shape as am I thank you!:smiley: :sunglasses: :slight_smile: (And I just naturally talk fast, but having been an announcer and actor, I’ve never had a problem being heard and understood, unlike so many who mumble and can’t string a frickin sentence together lol!)