100-114mm alloy 0q cranks

Do they exist besides the doteks? I know there is the Qu-ax 114mm cranks, but I’m looking for something even smaller.

I’ve had bad experience with the qu-ax. Check into the united brand cranks, they run at 90 and 102mm. I’ve got a set here that I purchsed recently, tons of fun.

I have had bad experiences with Nissan cars - two have crashed into me through no fault of mine. It doesnt mean that I tell people not to buy Nissan cars. I just tell bad drivers to buy them, so I know what ones to keep clear of.

I’ve also had a bad experience with Qu-Ax 114s. I put the wrong pedal on once and stripped the thread and had to buy a new pair - but it doesn’t stop me recommending them.

Give some details. Give some FACTS.

Thank you.

In your story, YOU messed up the pedals. Are you just assuming he did something to make his qu-ax product break? How do you know that he didn’t do something so easy on a product and it broke making him unsatisfied. How do you know he had problems with customer service? You don’t. You’re assuming he did something like you and put the wrong pedal on when something like the product not doing it’s job might have happened. You have no facts so don’t talk, give me my 20 seconds of my life back that I wasted reading your post.

That’s exactly his point, from what we were told we have no idea what went wrong with them, could have bene his fault could have been crap cranks. personally i love my 125mm Qu-Ax cranks on my coker never had any problems.

I also want to know what troubles he had with his Qu-Ax cranks because I am planning on getting a pair of Qu-Ax 114s next time I get something from UDC.

hes a troll. dont worry about it

I have the Qu-ax 114’s and for me they’ve been great! Well made, visually asthetic, light and plenty strong; they seem to be the best overall size for speed, distance and climbing. I also have the torker lx 127’s and those are nice too, but now they feel too long compared to the 114’s.:smiley:

I have a pair of Qu-ax cranks (125 mm) and I’m assuming the 114’s are basically the same just shorter. I’m interested in even smaller cranks that are aluminum, and have 0 Q

Oh. My bad. Guess I’m the idiot here. Didn’t see that you posted “Give some facts!”.


Maybe you should have spent more than the 20 seconds you claimed reading my previous post?

Reading the information available (Ground Zero and others), and giving enough information to show knowledge and some back-up to statements (Flyer and others) is all I ask.

they have 100 mm and zero q

Wah, I was excited there thinking Qu-Ax expanded their cotterless crank line, until I realized that they were the ISIS cranks. They would be great if you had the Qu-Ax 36er or into Freestyle but I think the OP was looking for square taper for his Coker.

oh sorry i have an isis 29er and those were cranks i had been looking at

Yeah I am looking for square taper, thats why I mentioned the Doteks, and the Qu-ax 114/125’s.

ok i had never heard of dortec and the quax isis has 100 114 125

they have theses http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=179 btu they are steel