This is the 100,000th post on unicyclist.com, according to the post counter. Or someone else was trying to hit this one, and quicker than me.

Klaas Bil

RSU definatly freaked out when it hit 100,000.there was a huge pause then the site flashed and my post in the toilet paper thread got mulitplied by 3.

it must be the Y3K bug hittin early.

I noticed that too, as I kept hitting refresh in one screen and tried to post to that same toilet paper thread in another. Luckily it did not shoot past 100,000 but exactly to 99,999. Yay!

Klaas Bil

I saw Jagur’s triple-TP post. I believe there was a delay at the moment we hit 100,000. But…

I cannot believe it had anything to do with hitting 100,000 posts! No way! Klaas, congratulations on making the 100,000th post. But the internal post IDs are not in sync with the post count. If you list all of Klaas’s posts, then click on the “100,000” post, you get this URL –


Number 109,112

But even if the post ID were exactly 100,000 – that still has no significance – unless vBulletin is written in COBOL by some short-sighted COBOL programmer who didn’t use a big enough zoned or packed-decimal field.

There had to be some other force at work.

Where’s Your Other Wheel,
uni57 (Dave)

hey alright im not crazy.there was somthing weird happening,i dont know what but it was a burp of some sort thats for sure.

Re: 100,000!

Klaas Bil wrote:
> This is the 100,000th post on unicyclist.com

All bow down to the 100,000th poster. All hail Klaas, King of the stats
and master of the keyboard! :wink: You sure were lucky to hit the 100,000
post jackpot. I’m sure there were many others who were trying to get it
as well. All the way from the Netherlands no less.