10 year old unicycle master.

Hi guys and girls. This is a video i made of me riding my 16" Torker cx.

I hope you enjoy it.

Please leave comments here. Thanks.

Nice. At ten years old, you’ll be ridiculously good when you get older if you keep at it.

Wow really good young man! Get shin guards though. Soon you’ll need to get a real trials uni, but you’re doing great! :smiley:

You expect me to believe that a you’re ten years old and you can post in complete sentences with correct capitilization and punctuation? Nice try “Jett”, I wasn’t born yesterday.

Nice video though, if you stick with it, you’re going to be good. Watch out Ryan Atkins!

thanks heaps to every one who watched my video.

that was my older friend that typed that for me.:smiley:

:slight_smile: Nice work jett. Just like danni said, if you stick with it you will be great when your older!

Good one, Jett! Keep on truckin’!

Speaking of little uni riders, does anyone know what happened to Toni Garcia?

haha good one if any one spies on me I will hit them with my unicycle:D

I have a hard enough time believing that your 10. But that you’ve only been riding for 2 months?!? Come on… theres no way. At least I hope not cause I’m 16 and I’ve been riding for like 4 months and I could maybe do that stuff.:stuck_out_tongue:

I told my ten year old brother that I might buy him a unicycle for his b-day (march 23) and I showed him this vid. Now he wants to learn how to ride. He wasn’t too interested before, especially since he was to short to ride my unicycles unless I cut the post way down which I didn’t want to do. If he learns that will mean that 5 out of 6 people in my family can ride.

There was a sale at UDC for 16" unicycles. $100 (nimbus hub, get seat), wicked deal.

I am really ten years old, And I only got the unicycle for chirtsmas.

And can’t you see i am ten in the video?.:stuck_out_tongue:

Really on internet on shops? P.S thats an awsome price.:smiley:

Really I hope he gets as good as kris holm one day:)

I am really ten can’t you see in the video?

And i only got the unicycle for chistmas.:stuck_out_tongue:

Yer I wonder what happened to him hope he comes back. I don’t know him.
ha Ha good one if any one spies onme i will hit them with my unicycle :smiley:

If this is on the internet can you tell me the website or if it’s in the shops can you tell me the shops name.


Thanks i’m pretty sure I will stick with it.:smiley:

Yer thanks i’m getting shinnys and and nimbus pretty soon. Thanks for the tip.:smiley:

Yer thanks but I am really ten years of age but thanks for watching my video though.:o