10 year old Brendan is now a unicyclist

I just wanted to announce that today Brendan rode a unicycle. I had been trying to motivate him to practice and finally came up with saying “let’s just practice for 15 minutes and then stop.” After two 15 minute sessions, he was riding. Here are some videos.

He’s had his own unicycle since March.


Put a Coker on order for him!

Re: 10 year old Brendan is now a unicyclist

Whoa… He’s GOOD!

Excellent vids…he’s a little Man of Action. You’ve got lots of fun ahead. My son learned to ride about a year and a half ago, and now we ride together pretty much every weekend. Hopefully it will remain one of our main father/son activities for years to come.

Nice work Brendan!

Alright, way to go, Brendan! Maybe it’s time for Brendan to get his own unicyclist.com login. Pretty soon he’s not gonna be on skates, but on the uni when we play hockey!

By the way, what kind-of uni is that?

It’s a Sun 20" that I bought when we were vacationing in Florida.

His success today was a total surprise to both of us. He loves unicycling now. We’ve been playing games to see who can ride the farthest. I have to ride one-footed. My one-footed riding is getting much better.

edit: Brendan is now riding 3 times as far as in those videos.

You are the Man Brendan, great riding. Welcome to the world of Unicycling. My five, 9 and 12 year old daughters all ride.

The 5 and 9 year olds did a talent show at Church yesterday. I was so proud of them.

I also like the way your Dad is trying to keep up with you by doing one footed riding. My bet is on you to win. But that is a great idea. Congratulations again Brendon. --chirokid–

Its awesome to see such young kids getting involved.

Yeah, it looks great. Keep it up!

Thats me on my first day riding my unicycle, riding about 42 feet.:

And thats me 1 1/2 years later, on Saturday this weekend with my trial:


I’m thinking like chirokid, you are winning those farthest-battles!

Good job, Brendan! I see persistance paid off. I mean you, Eric. Looks like it came pretty easy for Brendan once you “motivated” him. Soon he will give you a list of all the muni gear he needs.:smiley:


Great video!

I’ve already told him that we could share a kh-trials. All we would need probably is an extra seat post.:slight_smile:


I couldn’t open the video until I got to work today and Brendan ROCKS!!! I was looking forward to making a trip to Austin somtime soon to ride with ya’ll. I’m not so sure now (don’t want to get my but kicked by a 10 year old):smiley: :smiley: :smiley: