10 stair rail grind video

Hey everyone… i was out riding yesterday. i was doing pretty good and met the top 2 skateboard filmers in my city. i decided to go try a 10 stair rail if they would film me. so i tried 4 times. the video is my first and closest try. this is a round rail btw.

heres the link to my gallery: http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/view_album.php?set_albumName=albur58

see ya, Kevin

haha i forgot to say that it isnt landed. sorry for the dissappontment

Awsome man! looking good!!!

thanks, but unfortunately, after the 4th try, my seat wasnt looking good. i landed with pure ball-on-seat contact, and bent it beyond use. so until i get a new saddle then i cant try it again.

Re: 10 stair rail grind video

When I grow up, I want to be just like you… Seriously!

I have never even attemped a rail grab, grind, or anything close.

That was a great attempt and I may soon try something like that if it’s 2-3 stairs.

You’ll have to post the vid when you land it.

ps… my 56K modem thanks you for the small video size.

haha, im livin with a 56k modem too… i know the feeling! if youre gonna try a handrail, a good size to start with is 4 or 5. not too big, but long enough to get a slide, not just a tap. good luck with it! how many other people have tried grinding handrails…and how many have been succesful… just curious.

see ya, Kevin

wow, great job/attempt! i haven’t ever done any rails but i’ve grinded somewhere between four and five feet on a level ledge with plastic pedals, and i always wax the ledge up real nice…lot’s of fun.

i don’t think i would be able to jump high enough for the kind of rail you did. kris holm told me to start jumping with the seat out in front, and, well, if he told me to jump off a bridge if it would help my unicycling i probably would do that too. but, it’s too static for some things like riding jumps down stairs and up high ledges. seeing as how you can jump pretty high while riding, could you give me some advice? i ask everyone this, but, it’s because i still can’t jump high. thanks.

very cool video!

that’s amazing keep up the good ridin’.

i think dan heaton has succesfully grinded a 6 set or something it’s in his gallery page, search for grind or uniryder and it will come up. it may have been more steps i can’t remember.


hey, i just got back form a conference so i havent had time to reply. dan heaton has grinded an 8 stair round rail that ive seen, and dan doerkson has done a 9 set rail i believe. im not quite sure if anyone has done more. as for jumping higher, everyone has their own technique. my personal way to do it is ride forward and then shift the momentum into and explosive upward hop. once ive reached the peak and im fully extended, i bend my knees and bring the wheel up to get some extra height. ive never learned seat out hopping and im doing ok so far.

thats all i have to say, Kevin