10 Skill Levels

I was reading through the 10 skill levels today, when suddenly I thought: Why are there only skill levels for freestyle skills? What about MUni/Trials or street?
Someone ought to make a 10 skill levels for MUni and Trials and Street. Who’s with me??

That would be pretty cool. Intead of demonstarting x amount of mounts you could demonstrate x ft. drops per level. Maybe throw some frestyle in there too.

no way i was going to make a thread like this i think that would be a good idea

I’m afraid I would never get to level 10 because I would break both ankles on level 8’s eight foot drop.

Wow I too was just thinking about this.


If you think about it a ten foot drop wouldnt be that hard to learn comparitively to the IUF levels. Under level ten it has to have backflip off of a drop. I can almost backflip on my 20" on my trampoline and am planning to find a nice 6 foot drop to try it off of, its actually a goal for me this year. Unfortunately i still have trouble getting the uni all the way around and under but im sure in a few months ill be able to do it on the tramp, some of you guys could do it(unicycleboy of course!) im sure.

What would the Muni skills be like? Ride X feet on an X class trail?

For Trials there is the U system.

We’re working on it!

The new Skills System will be much broader than the existing 10-level system and will include a division for trials-type skills.

USA, Inc. Skills Development Committee Chair

Sounds good, shame that to involve muni in there would be awkward.

So is someone gonna make up some skill levels in here or is this just gonna keep talking about it, come on somebody!

Like these, you mean?


30" sidehops or rolling hops for U6 seems a bit tame. I can double that and I suck.

The rest of it looks pretty cool, I wish there were some comps round here… I bet the trophies would look cool.

That’s 30 inches, not centimeters. 30 inches = 76.2 centimeters.
I seriously doubt you can double that.

haha, no I wasn’t confused by the inches/centimetres thing. It was the unspecified horizontal/vertical thing that got me.

Either way, horizantle or verticle…Doubling 30 inches is not going to be easy in any sense.

na surely Mr Holm is meaning vertical coz my grandma could do 76cm horizontal without her zimmer.


hop (and drop) measures are vertical
gap measures are horizontal

U6 includes:

  • hop 30" (76.2cm) vertically
  • gap 5’ (152.4cm) horizontally “to landings requiring some accuracy”

Some of the guys developing this skill progression for the USA, Inc. have said that a 30-inch vertical drop would be enough to demonstrate mastery of that skill, so we haven’t included anything more than that.

Do you agree or disagree?

The skill progression focuses on:

specific freemounts (seat in front, for example)
hops (seat in) rolling and stationary
jumps (seat out) sideways and forward
narrow rides
pedal grabs
crank stalls

Anything missing for basic to intermediate skills? Expert skills would come later.


I agree that 30" is plenty for starters. Also that by “requiring” people to do higher drops may be opening a liability can of worms we would best avoid. Yes, landing higher drops is “harder.” But I don’t know that we want to require it in our skill levels.

BTW, for those wondering why there are only freestyle skill levels, back when those levels were written, people weren’t doing much else. We did tricks on flat ground. Notice they were not called freestyle skills at the time, and shouldn’t be now, because they are also Open-X and Standard Skill skills. To give them a name in today’s parlance, “flatland” might be the most accurate.