10 months in 10 minutes

10 months of unicycling in 10 minutes…
10 months ago I started this journey to learn this amazing sport, at least the more extreme version of it (street, trial and muni).
Still free of injuries and enjoying every minute of it!! :wink:


Good job on the progress!

If I would suggest one thing from watching your trials riding would be to focus on learning how to tuck. Tucking is really important because you barely tuck at all currently and you pedal grab so many things that you could do directly to tire! Unfortunately you’re a front foot jumper so tucking isn’t as natural and comfortable as it is when you jump toward your backfoot, but there is still a way. Mike Taylor did a side hop tutorial for VoodooUnicycles on Youtube . Lots of good cues in there.

You’ve only been riding for 10 months, that’s nothing. Keep putting the hours and riding and hopping will become easier and more natural. You’ve reached an impressive level in a short amount of time!

The video isn’t edited in chronological order, the pedal grabs were there first :slight_smile:
I seriously started working on the tuck about a month or so ago and the clip you see here:

is my highest hop so far, at 72.5cm. I know I still have space left to hop higher, but the biggest challenge I’m currently facing is not the tuck itself, but landing with my cranks level. I tend to land with a heavier front foot, which results in losing balance more quickly. Once I got that sorted I’m sure I can tuck in even more. The sixth step of that same stairset is 85cm high and I’m convinced that I can hit it soon. I actually hope to hit the 100cm within the next 2 months (within my first year of riding).

I know the video that Mike made a while ago and it’s definitely useful, but there’s still so much I need to learn. I haven’t put any focus on pre hops for example, something I must do to achieve that 100cm mark for sure :wink:
We’ll see how it goes… But it’s definitely interesting to see how far I can take it. :wink:

Even in that hop there is a pretty big gap between butt and tire on the landing. I think you already jump high enough to add another step. Only the tuck is holding you back.

yeah, and the distance. Adding another step also adds another 21cm of distance to travel. But I’m sure I can do it. Working on pre-hops now, and that makes that distance a lot easier to travel for sure :wink: