10 mm BC axle = BAD!

Well, it finally happened. After many jumps and drops and flying across parking lots my BC wheel has broken. Let this be a lesson to all: Do not us a 10 mm axle on your BC! Or at least don’t jump with it.

I may sell the plates later, but I’m not sure.

anyone know the axle diameter on a standard Yuni BC? or on a bedford BC?


You can buy some decent wheels for BC on ebay, around 30-50 bucks.

I’m totally getting a BC soon.

Oooh, ouchy.

I don’t want a BC, because its just another thing that I’ll get hooked on, and I’ll end up wanting more and better, etc etc etc.

I really shouldnt start it.

Out of curiosity, how long did the 10mm last? Because that’s probably what I’ll be using.

This particular one lasted a little over 2 months. I rode it almost every day over that period, but I think jumping is what really did it in. For just coasting a 10 mm works just fine, but any jumps/drops really need a thicker hub.

At least now I have the motivation to build a new bc wheel. I have been thinking about other plate designs (that I can’t possibly make, but still…)

Such as:


I don’t know about that. My old BC axle didn’t break, but it bent enough to make the wheel bind. This was without any jumps or drops at all, just hopping on while it was rolling. Don’t waste too much effort building around a skinny axle. You might be able to replace your existing axle in the same hub, for minimal expense.

dont want to be rude, but your plan isnt really good you want the nuts to come out for grip for hopping. I am sorry if I offnded you it wasent my point

Nah, that was just an idea. I just keep getting all these bruises on my feet from protruding nuts, so I want to get rid of them. I know it won’t have any grip, but it would work excelent for coasting. It might work with grip tape, too, or maybe I could just not recess the nut all the way so that it only sticks out a teeny bit.

I’m just sick of having bruised feet.

I personally like the nut that sticks out on my 14mm axle, it allows me to hook myself in while I ride, while still allowing me to hop off when I get goin way too fast. Although, making it a bit rounder on the bottom would prevent alot of foot bruises.

Here’s a possible idea for keeping the grip of the axle nut without the pain of landing on it:

Put something above the nut, to angle your foot away so it doesn’t get those nasty divots. Once your feet are on the platforms you can squeeze them back toward the center and have the benefit of the lift without the pain.

I guess a simple way to build this would be to have some additional metal that extends above the axle hole, and to bend it over so it angles down and outward, with the outer edge about equal with the edge of the nut. Don’t use too steep an angle, or it’ll still bite your feet.

As I see it, one of the weak spots on BC wheels today is a tendency for the platforms to bend downward over time. The build process so far has been to just use really thick metal. You could probably make something lighter (though not cheaper) using thinner material and a couple of gussets on the underside of the platforms.