10 km race on my 12" -Unicon XV

Here is my video from the 10 km race that I completed on my 12" unicycle

It’s still processing

your legs are moving faster than scooby and the gang after being spooked by a ghoul

Well Done.

You obviously need a schlumpf hub;).

Half way through the race, I got my brother to write “sponsor me a schlumpf”, on a piece of paper and I pinned it to my shirt. I don’t think you can see it in the vid though.
Sadly, I still don’t have a schlumpf

Will a schlumpf even fit into a 12" wheel? Hey, if I ever have a spare schlumpf hub… you can have one :slight_smile:

I saw this before and thought who it was…well I know now.

You should also get some 45mm cranks :stuck_out_tongue: awesome!! I’m just wondering how slowly those who where slower than you were ridin’?? Oo

Nice one! Your legs were moving fast.

that was badass.

I havn’t really looked into it, but I think it would just fit. the spokes would be really short though. Thanks for the offer. I hope I’m not waiting too long :slight_smile:

I didn’t know you could get 45’s. I’ve got 75’s that I bought off my friend. So I’m going to use them when I get round to building a splined 12"

I don’t know how slowly they would have been going, but on the last lap the wind got up really bad. So I could keep going at the same pace because of the smallness of the wheel, but others may have struggled in it. I only passed two, and they were really struggling with the wind, the other five had slower times but started in earlier groups than me


I’m uber impressed with your accomplishment !! :slight_smile: Well done man !!

That is excellent - A stellar performance!!!



Thats just crazy stupid fun. Nice job. Looks like you werent even in last place.