10 ' giraffe needs a home

Fitz Family performs on the road full time - mostly juggling but also some unicycles. Bought a Tom Miller 10’ giraffe a few years back since we had a son good enough to ride it - or so we thought. Careless preparation on our part for dismounting meant a fall the first day (after a very successful ride on his part) - bruised heels but o.k. Except no interest in the giraffe and no one else good enough. Finally resigned to the fact we need to sell it. Not sure how to go about getting the word out to the right person.

This is the place to get the word out. If you will list the “non-firm” price you would like to sell the ten footer for, you will most likely get more interest.

Hope you sell it soon, to someone that lives close to me! :smiley: --chirokid–

what price?

how much are we talking??and are you in the uk?

Re: 10 ’ giraffe needs a home

what happened to the 10footer?

Here are a few replies to the posts…

The unicycle is fine. Have been keeping it in good shape. Chain oiled, chrome polished etc.

“non-firm” price is $900 to $1000. Sorry, nowhere near the U.K. Central Michigan is home but we tour full time so we could be near about anywhere in the U.S. and even Toronto area (gig there soon) in the near future.