10 ft Unicycle

I built this 10 ft Unicycle but have never rode it.
Location: Ashtabula, Ohio
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Virgin Unicycle

So… it’s never been tested?

Nope…at age 49 i decided the risk vs reward wasnt worth it. You are welcome to try it before buying.

do you have any detailed pics of the drivetran? Can’t tell what type of cranks, hub, wheel, etc. it has. It also looks like the seat cannot be adjusted, so you may want to post your inseam size for any potential buyers. 10 footers are hard to come by, but at first glance I think you may have trouble generating interest at that price. Looks very very solid though. What’s the frame material? It looks like unpainted steel with a little surface rust. : P Could look really cool with a clear-coat over top.