¡ 10 Foot Unicycle for Sale !

'Allo 'Allo Ladies and Gentlemen! I am sorry if this is the wrong place to post a message like this, but hell, I figure who better to tell about a unicycle for sale then my fellow unicyclists!! hehe aren’t I clever?! Anywho I was curious to know if anyone is looking for a good deal on a 10 foot unicycle…also I would like to know how much people are willing to pay. A new 10 foot unicycle cost what…$1,000-$1,300, no (we aren’t asking for that much…not at all)? So if there is anyone out there riding around on a 5 footer and is ready to move on up, nows the time!!

Hmm, and perhaps a little introduction!? You can call me Lolli…I travel (on and off) with my best friend and his family, the Circus Family Sardine, direct from London, England! They are street performers and travel all over the world…I love to ride my unicycles…I have a Torker LX with a 24" wheel, a Torker TX, and an old beat up unicycle…who made it… I haven’t the faintest!

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I’ll start the bidding:


Go home!!! :open_mouth:

I may be interested if it is freemountable. Has it been designed with a mechanism to to lock the wheel in place so that it can be freemounted or would it be it too high to freemount (I know John Foss has a 9-footer that he can freemount because it has a mechanism that locks the wheel in place when you step on to it from the wheel in order to reach the pedals)? Has anyone ever freemounted this (or any other) 10 footer?

I’m interested if you still have it.

Please let me know how much you want for it. I live in Sandusky, OH. I can arrange a local pickup if it can not be shipped.


When is somebody going to ask what it looks like, or for pictures? Do you know who made it, how long ago, etc? Does it have lots of miles on it (which means it holds up)? Pictures please.

a 10-foot unicycle wouldn’t go for nearly 1,000 dollars. probably about 400, if it’s in very good condition which it probably isn’t… and I also want to see pictures. even though I’m not gonna buy it, I just want to see it (:

he said a new one would go for that high. Probably right IMO, most above 5 are custom, right? Id like to see some pics as well


I guess that’s true, since it would be custom made it would be a little more expensive. didn’t think about that… and if it’s new, but I don’t think it is. and I doubt it would still go that high, it would be higher than my earlier estimates though.

Re: ¡ 10 Foot Unicycle for Sale !

Folks, the would-be seller has probably given up. He made his original
post 4 months ago.

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Re: I’m interested if you still have it.

isnt that right near cedar point with all the roller coasters? man i wanna go there.ya feel