10 foot giraffe

I have a lead on a 10 foot giraffe unicycle the lady wants about 250 bucks
I’m trying to work her down
I’m only willing to pay about hundred but I’m still interested in finding her buyer what would people be willing to pay for a 10 foot?

in images attached I’m yet to see this in person so I don’t know too much

you guys think is a homebuild or not?

No idea, but that looks like an old schwinn seat possibly. And it looks like it has a lot of rust. I’d pay 100 if it was full functional but in rusted condition with no major damages.

If it was close to me, I would give her pretty much what she wants. There is a lot of work on that frame. I would be interested purely for the frame anyway, as the wheel would need a rebuild and the seat would need replacement anyway.

Too much to ship to Kingston, Ontario, but certainly an interesting uni for sure. If you offered her $150.00 I think that would be fair for both parties. Look at what a new 6 foot costs.