10 foot giraffe on e-bay

Jamey’s selling his 10 footer. LOOK HERE!

Here’s a 6 ft Savage giraffe with reinforced forks that is presently cheap. Any of you BC boys know who the guy is selling it?

Wow! That’s massive. Can anyone freemount 10’ers?


not that I’v seen… I wouldnt want to try that. think of the fall when you almost make it? Ouch…

There are pictures of Wolfgang Strößner freemounting what looks like an 8 footer here
That link comes from his Unicycling Photos section.
The main link to his web page is

There are tall giraffes that have steps on the frame to allow you to climb up. Some giraffes have a lever attached to the steps so that when you step on the step it pushes a pole down on top of the tire to keep the tire from moving while you are climbing up. It might be possible to freemount a taller giraffe using this type of system if you are really really quick and really really good.

I don’t know if anyone has managed to freemount a taller giraffe than what Wolfgang demonstrates. But I wouldn’t be too surprised if someone has managed to freemount one slightly taller.

But wow! the repeated failed attempts while learning to freemount a taller giraffe would be very hard on the legs and back.

Thanks for yet another great link John.


I’d be afriad to ride a 10ft Giraffe :astonished: ! If I were to fall, that would be a long way down!!!

Is anyone here actually thinking of buying this beast? If they are, and they get it, make sure to post about it.


Hey, I think i know of who might be selling it. Im gussing its Brody who lives in Abbotsford too. I only know of like three people that unicycle around here so its my best bet.

Re: 10 foot giraffe on e-bay

Is this the one he used at UNICON? If so surely this belongs in Sarah Miller’s collection. Irony, poetry all wrapped in one.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

No I beleave This is the one he used before he built the one he used at unicon. It’s a foot or two shorter, but who actually notices that? well ok, when your on a 6’ and cant reach his feet you do, but not by much.