10 foot drops!!!

O LORD< I LANDED IT… it was amazing. I was sick of all the people on here sayin stuff so i did it till I landed. I’m so happy, thanks for all the support, that may sound like I’m messin with you but I’m for real, people tellin me I cant do it makes me try even harder

Way to go!! How did you uni hold up this time? I bent my Profile cranks a little more yesterday, and I was only dropping three feet or so. I must land really hard.


I put the suzue hub on the other way so that when I dropped it went normal, It worked really well, and I got alloy cranks that held up very nicely. I was really surprised that the hub did that. So I do have a working uni, thanks again

  • I’d think profile cranks would hold up, thats wierd

:smiley: Well done!:smiley:
I`m with you