10 foot drops!!!

Last night I did my first ten foot drop… but I didn’t land it!!! It was off the roof of my house, and I measured it to be 10 feet high. I have video of it but not on my computer yet… I will put it on soon. On my trials unicycle I broke the cranks and the hub… that was after my first attempt. After that I tried on my mountain unicycle two times… I broke one of the cranks and the hub. Now I have no working unicycle… was it worth it?

And were they splined? If so, no. But, I must say, it was amusing hearing about it.

Was it worth it for you or for me? … For me it depends how good the video footage is. :slight_smile:

Re: 10 foot drops!!!

That should be a question for you. You’re the one that has to replace your broken parts, so are you getting enough satisfaction from the drops?

Watching is fun, and it doesn’t cost us a thing. But it sure looks to me like it isn’t worth it. I watched Ryan Atkins do a drop of around 10’ (maybe more) at MUni Weekend. He snapped his Kinport seat handle on landing, and I think he bent a crank, Profile. He did not ride away, and seemed very unhappy with the results.

Stuff is going to break with those kinds of drops. To me, being able to land a big drop is more guts than skill. Sebastian Merrill Neuhausen was doing 14’ drops 100 years ago (written up in an early USA Newsletter), so there’s nothing new to prove, other than whether you can do it.

I wonder how many parts Neuhausen broke learning his trick, which he performed in front of audiences from a big staircase?

It’s easy to do big drops, but not easy to land them. Also it’s expensive!

Re: 10 foot drops!!!

You answered your own question.

If i had no working unicycle… i would cry, and probably hold a candlelight vigil in my back yard.

I would say if it was to a realy good transition then ye it was worth it and sounds like a good drop/idea.
however if it was just to flat ground and your unicycles dont have splined hub/cranks i would say no not worth it the out come was realy the only likely thing too happen and even if yo landed it big drops to flat a dumb.


i dont think it counts as a drop if you didnt land it.

whats the bigest drop youve ever landed?

i wouldnt count myself as being able to do, say a 360 unispin if i had just tried it and not succeded.

if you realy want to jump off 10foot stuff, then practice with smaller things and work your way up.

Coolness! I’ve gone off a four foot drop before. Except not landed it. And I’ve gone off a 3.5 foot drop, and landed it.

My biggest drop before was 6ft and it is a drop even though I didnt land, is it not called a uni spin because you didnt land it? I dont know thats what I think. I still dont have the video yet, and the hub wasnt splined… but I think it was worht it becasue I gained 12 dollars from my friends

twelve dollars? you just destroyed two wheels. that twelve dollars will buy you half of a crankset. that leaves you with two more cranks, two hubs, and possibly lots of spokes and two rims, depending

Dont listen to them. Its all for the glory. Balls to the wall, dont let any dare go un-answered.

it isn’t a freemount if you don’t end up on the unicycle, it isn’t a unispin if you fall off half way through. If that wasn’t true I could do lots of tricks that I can’t actually do just by trying and then falling off.

Doing big drops when you can’t land them is dumb as hell and just means broken equipment. There’s definately a skill to big drops, but the skill is in landing and not breaking stuff. There are people out there who do 6ft plus drops to flat on suzue hubs without breaking them, that certainly takes some skill. Dropping isn’t the clever thing, landing the drop is the clever part.


Re: 10 foot drops!!!

I was for me. I hope you’re ok. But I’ve got a new anecdote about some crazy dude that I can tell everyone for the rest of my life…free for nuthin.

WITHOUT GUYS LIKE THIS, humankind never would have flown, scuba dived, climbed Mt Everest.

WITH TOO MANY GUYS LIKE THIS, humankind would not have lasted this long.

Hail Zelten. Long live Zelten.

This is all so dumb… whats the point in doing drops if your just going to break perfectly good equiptment?

Personally all this “big huck” business is overrated. There are much harder and more extreme things you can do without putting your wheel and your ankles at that much risk.

Anyone can do a drop. The only skilled factors are in landing and in the guts to jump. And thats not really skill anyway.

You want to try some awesome trials skills? Check out the crazy 180 backwards gaps in Universe 2.

Personally I think it takes a lot more guts and skill to jump UP objects. I think the height a trials man can jump UPdivided by the amount of times it takes for him to complete a line is the formula for a good rider.

Get off this friggin newsgroup and go RIDE something…


Re: 10 foot drops!!!

“…u mean was a moment of my purity worth a lifetime of their lies?”


Ummmm… Because it’s fun:D It’s better to wear out than to rust.

Lets go break stuff… Mojoe


I dont think it’s more of an accomplishment to jump up onto things, how many people can jump up ten feet? I’d rather have the thrill of jumpin off high thing and hitting the ground at 17 mph then jumpin onto somethin 2 feet high, the rush isn’t the same

Last summer I did a 50 mile ride averaging 13 mph. After 20 miles, I was tired and had to stop, and my actual average at that point was just over 10mph. Still, I did the ride - I just didn’t finish it.:smiley:

Why destroy perfectly good equipment so pointlessly? Why not just jump off a ten foot wall without a unicycle? The best comment I had from a member of the public in all of this year (when I did an impressive section of track on the Coker) was, “Hah! I can do that with no wheels at all.”

Each to his own, of course. There’s no law against doing pointless and expensive things unsuccessfully and causing entirely predictable damage. But, as my grandmother used to say, if you break both your legs, don’t come running to me.

I’ll go along with that. If you ask me, it’s a drop either way. How can you say a guy didn’t drop if he’s at the bottom of a 10’ cliff? But landing the drop is of course the key thing.

Some people just seem to like doing drops. I don’t, because I’m aware of the risk to both my unicycle’s equipment and my own as well. I get plenty of satisfaction making it down something like the Downieville Downhill, which I definitely can’t do all of.

Hang on, you just contradicted yourself there. If very few people can jump up a lot, whilst anyone, even someone who can’t ride a unicycle at all could drop 10 foot and not land it, that obviously makes it more of an accomplishment to jump up lots.