$10 find Dicks Sporting Goods

So I was at Dicks Sporting Goods today, when I spotted a monster tire hanging up on a wall. I went over to check it out and to my surprise it was a Nokian Gazzaloddi 26 x 3 tire, and not only that, It was miss-marked for $8.99! I was amazed to see it and bought it (of course it came up as $10.00 :roll_eyes: ) But anyways now I just need a unicycle to go with it :p. Here’s some pics

I was also surprised to see it was made in Finland.

Id Tap that. :wink:

Did you pay $10 for it?

Nice find.

wow nice find.

I love my 26X3 Gazz. Prices for those things are all over the place as most people (on bikes) don’t want them but some are willing to pay through the nose for one. You could probably make a 1000% profit re-selling this on MTBR at the start of next winter… Or you could enjoy a tire that just feels so awesome on 26" Muni with a wide rim like the new KH26 rim :slight_smile:

I’m going to buy a nimbus 26" MUni and put it on it.



Should’ve been $8.99.

Do you know the width of the nimbus rim? I had my gazz on a DX32 (38mm) and I didn’t really like it but it is awesome on an Echo 46mm. I would consider getting a wheel built up with a new KH26" rim if you are getting a unicycle especially for this tire.

welcome to the outspoken world of 26X3" enthusiasts :slight_smile:

What’s the price going to be like on the KH 26" rim? Because I might just get an echo 26" rim and a isis hub and spokes and build a wheel. Also whats a good crank length for a 26" wheel, I want something fast and maneuverable.

It’s 42mm (a rebranded '05 KH rim).

I got my echo rim for $60 (CAD) at HBtrials. It took a few weeks for them to get it to me since they don’t normally stock the 36h version and had to order it in from Europe for me. The 36h version only comes in black so you don’t get all the fancy colour options.

My guess is that the KH26 rim will be comparable in price to the KH24 rim

I have 160mm cranks on my 26X3 Gazzmobile but cranks are a really personal thing. I would buy a few Qu-Ax cranks in different lengths to see what you like then spend the money on a real nice set when you decide what you like.

The new KH 26 rim will be drilled and 47mm, just like it’s smaller cousin the KH24. The old KH rim has been rebranded as a Nimbus 24 and 26, they are 42mm.

Best crank 160, 150 is probably a bit short but doable, 165 is a little long, but doable. I’m thinking of putting a 160 on my 24, so maybe a 165 wouldn’t be so bad, it certainly would give you some power to turn over that heavy ass Gazz :wink:

Nice buy, great tire :slight_smile:

26 X 3 Gazz

Slight thread drift, but what tire would be a good replacement for a 26 x 3 Gazz" I’ve got a Dirt Uni 26, with a 26 x 3 Gazz in it now, with 170 cm cranks. Since the Gazz is no longer made in the 3" what’s a good replacement option when it wears out? I ride XC style, but it’s generally rocky (Truckee, CA) and I like trying to go uphill as much as possible, but I’m reluctant to lose the 3" cushion. Thanks for any advice…edg

Gotta love Dicks.

Someone had to say it.

We ahve a Dicks in Spokane, except its a fast-food joint. Really sweet food with sweet prices. Dicks food is awesome.

Seems like Dicks everwhere are pretty cool.

the Duro tire is OK, stiffer sidewalls, is slightly smaller, has a rounder profile and slightly harder rubber. Really it is not all that similar but it is a 26X3. I ride a Gazz in summer and a studded Duro in winter (though I would prefer Gazz for both).

You can get the Duro tire from UDC. There is also an Arrow 26X3 that is rumored to be a re-branded Duro. I don’t know where to get it though.

I’ve decided to sell the tire. So where could I sell it at, and how much?

Put it on Ebay. Start the price at $10 and see what happens. You could make bank, but at the very least you won’t lose money.

It might be a lot to ship that tire, so you might want to figure out the shipping first.