10.2 Miles on a Coker

Greetings fellow unicyclists:

Last Sunday I rode my newly-acquired Coker 10.2 miles. This ride was wonderful!
Although I don’t think I’ll attempt the 44 that Nathan did, I can see that 20-25
miles might be within my grasp.

I’d like to pass along some tips I’ve discovered in my four months of riding:

For a durable and attractive seat taping, I’ve found that a combination several
layers of black cloth athletic tape (2" wide if you can find it) applied over a
single layer of automotive trim adhesive tape works very well. The automotive
trim adhesive tape is made by 3M and is sticky on both sides. It is about 2 mm
thick and 1/4 in wide and provides very durable protection for your seat.

Also, I found that I was continuously nicking the tips of my fingers on the hand
that I use to catch my seat when I dismount. This was caused by the sharp bolt
ends that attach the seat to the seat post on Viscount seats. I solved this by
placing vinyl bolt protectors (available at you hardware store) over the ends of
each bolt.

Hope this helps.